Happy mail

Last week I received happy mail from the USA. I had won a FQ bundle of Amy Butler’s new collection DreamWeaver.

Free Spirit Fabrics had held a give away on Instagram a week before and my name was randomly drawn. My quilty friend Annett from the F2F group had tagged me first so I would be eligible to win and I put her name in the pot too.  Sadly she didn’t win anything, so I told her that I would make her a mini in return.

But let’s drool over the AmyButler collection first!

I think this flower on mustard is my favorite.

Back to Annett’s mini…

She told me she would love turquoise as the main color. I can do that! πŸ™‚

I dug through my other Amy Butler fabrics to see which ones would work with turquoise and I found the most perfect ones! I selected my newest paper piecing pattern Humming.

I played around with the units of the Humming block and couldn’t make up my mind.

I asked Annett and the rest of IG which one they preferred. Annett chose the top left layout. The block was 16″ before adding a thin white border. I added a wider border of the large-scale floral which tied the colors together.

I did run into some problems half through the piecing, due to the printer paper I had used. When removing the paper for the block I must have left small pieces of the paper behind. When I wetted the fabric the remove some lines I had drawn on with one of those blue pens, the printer ink on those teeny tiny pieces of paper left big black STAINS!!! I have never had this happen. I tried to remove the stains with gentle soap but they would not budge. I finally decided to take the units apart and redo some of the pieces of fabric.

After I had removed, repaired and resewn the blocks…. there were more NEW STAINS….

Oh my *(&#*$^!

No, I didn’t take it al apart again. The stains are there and there to stay.

Here are some plans for the FMQ on this block. I drew on a large piece of plastic on top of the block.

I decided on a mix of these two. Here is a sneak peek….

Hugs to you all!


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18 thoughts on “Happy mail

  1. The fabrics are wonderful! And I am so excited to receive this wonderful mini! Don’t worry about these few stains…. I’m sure the quilting will hide it. And I’ll love it … it is made esp for me and my first mini ever! Thank you so much Esther.

  2. I agree, that flower fabric is the best, but I also like it on other backgrounds. What is your plan for the fabrics? I’ve never had that problem with the black coming through on paper pieced fabrics, so thank you for the warning – I’ll be even more careful removing every scrap in future. Lucky Annett, with that little beauty coming her way…

  3. I’m waiting for my happy mail from the States right now too… well, it’s actually my Christmas present that’s still not here yet! The mustard print has just the right color combo and will be fun to work with.

    Well, I agree with the rest of IG land! The design you picked has a nice balance to it. Very lovely quilting too!

    Greetings from your “backyard”… Germany!


  4. This is beautiful – love the quilting and look forward to the finish. The paper story is cautionary because to date I’ve used old printed paper as a sort of new style shredder! I may have to rethink.

  5. Quite a cautionary tale about the printer paper with printing on it! I like the block a lot and the quilting. I love pebbles like that, but get so tired doing them.

  6. Congratulations with winning the fabric bundle. I fell in love with the square on the lower right .. very similar to top left.
    Your designs are getting better and better. Keep it up.

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