February’s Fabulous Floral Fabric for the F2F blocks

GREEN it was for Emmely’s F2F bee blocks.

Any color, any shade…

(Block 1: pattern “Out there”, FREE to download on Craftsy, foundation paper pieced, 12 inch.)

(Block 2: pattern “Stardance”, will be released this Spring, foundation paper pieced, 12 inch.)

Emmely loves improv quilting. I have tried my hand at it before, so I wanted to add at least one improve block to the set. I started with the leaves and then the blocks sat and sat … I was stumped… what should I do? Finally, at crunch time, I added the dark green. To me it now looks like an abstracted plant. Improv piecing is something I need some more practice in, ha ha!

It all was Fantastic Fun!

(Sorry, not sorry for the alliterational fun! 😉 )





11 thoughts on “February’s Fabulous Floral Fabric for the F2F blocks

    • Thank you Claire, this whole improv thing makes me nervous. It is weird because I really like improv FMQ, but somehow when it comes down to fabric I tend to overthink it!

      • Improv takes a lot of thinking when I do it. Still have to think about color combinations, balance, unity and variety etc. . . . I think it takes practice to anticipate which color combinations will produce the most pleasing designs. It is definitely not a short cut. LOL.

    • Thank you very much June!
      It was a good challenge to only work with tints and shades of one color. I should try that more. The results are lovely.
      Bye bye,

  1. All beautiful. I have tried a couple of improv blocks but it doesn’t come naturally. I made a couple of wonky log cabins but then felt as if I had to apologise for them being wonky 🙂
    I’ve downloaded the first block from Craftsy – thank you – as I’m determined to give paper piecing a go very soon.

    • Hi Lynn,
      Yes the wonky-thing happened to me too. Last time I tried those again, the project got ruined by fabric that had bled during piecing. I just put the block in my “orphan blocks pile” and I think I tossed it not that long ago. Not worth saving.
      I really want to try my hand at improv piecing. I so admire the modern quilts from QuiltCon.

  2. I have tried several times to do wonky, and have decided it’s not for me. Maybe one day. My mind and eye just prefer things straight, ordered and exact! Maybe your blocks for Emmely were like mine: improv because she likes it, and then Ah! Relief! back to symmetry and straight lines. You have some very beautiful greens in there – you’re right about getting lovely results from the restricted palette.

  3. Hi:

    The green colors remind me of our oak trees .. they are loaded with pollen. Staying within one color is somehow very comfortable.

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