Paper Piecing Pride

These last couple of months on social media have been really interesting for me. I have to explain something first:

A little over a year ago I joined the Instagram site and I adored the direct photo sharing and easy contact it allows. I loved that you can tag your pictures and other people are able to see other pictures with the same tag.

Instagram helps me make new quilty friendships, it inspires me daily with inspirational photographs and it also provides a place to showcase my projects. I keep my Instagram account mostly quilt-related. There are some art photo’s in there, like pictures of cities I have visited or painting I have seen in museums, etc.

One of the joys of Instagram is being tagged by another quilter who has used one of my patterns. Well, that has been happing these last couple of weeks. Sometimes people tag me, sometimes I find pictures of quilts that are tagged with the blocks name. It is a bit like a treasure hunt! You need to look for them. Very rarely I get an email with a picture. Instagram is really the easy way to share!

It makes me proud to see one of my pattern used. It makes me proud of the quilter who created an incredibly beautiful quilt with their own fabrics and their own color preferences. It makes me proud of their creativity!

I have three different versions of the ‘Paint It’ mini quilt to show you!

Julie of @owlyjulie used an incredible amount of different fabrics in her paint tubes!


Sara of @sarahoviatt won a prize with her quilt for the Michael Miller Fabrics challenge at Sewtopia!

And this beauty was created by Felice of @iamlunasol. She added all the extra borders by her own design. I could just eat this up!!! It is so incredibly yummy!

Felice has written a blog post about this quilt and provides a tutorial for the borders. You can read more about it here.

And this beauty of four Humming blocks was created by @sillybananasewing! The greens and that hot pink just are so zingy!

Penny is an exception to the rule; she emailed me this picture of her fabulous Humming block. Isn’t is so fabulous in the hot pink? It is gorgeous!!! I think Penny and Sillybanansewing both liked hot pink best!


I too have been working on some paper piecing blocks. The first project was already finished actually … it still needs its embroidery done on the back. I think I got 8 letters done and then I stopped… Well, I need to finish it before Easter 2016 , don’t you think? The pattern is called ‘ An Easter Parade’  and it consists of 9 inch high blocks. The eggs and bunny are 6 inches wide, the flower and chick are 3 inches wide. I made several computer drawings of what you could do with these blocks. I showed them off in last years blog post, here.  I think this pattern was one of the first I did using the EQ7 software.

The last EQ7 project is also a pictoral block. It is a teapot for my friend Kate who is putting together a charity quilt. Kate has requested 12 inch blocks with cups, teapots, and cupcakes in teal and creme fabric. The blue fabric is actually a little bit more blue-green in real life. Read more about Kate’s project, here.

The pattern is available for FREE on the Craftsy website. Go here for the direct link.

I am proud that we quilters are making such a difference in other people’s lives by making quilts to comfort and warm them.

I am proud to be a member of this community!

Thank you guys and girls!



8 thoughts on “Paper Piecing Pride

  1. It must be so much fun to see people make your designs. I like the *idea* of Instagram, but in practice, talking about ideas and my thoughts behind the work I do is just as important as the photo, so blogging is far more my thing. Of course, as I don’t design for other people, I also don’t have the fun of seeing what they do with my design :-).
    Thank you so much for contributing this lovely block for the Ovarian Cancer quilt, and for including the link. Awareness is so important, and the more women who know about it and are alert to the symptoms, the better. I will include a link to your Craftsy pattern when I next do a progress post about it!

    • Thank you very much Ann! I love designing them! Just spent the whole afternoon working on some more blocks for Kate’s project. I have designed all kinds of cups and some cupcakes. Yummy! These make me hungry!!! 😉
      May need some testers soon…!
      Bye bye

  2. I have an Instagram account and can’t even work out how to put a photo on it. I gave up after a while 😦
    How amazing to see all those beautiful quilts made from your design – I don’t blame you for feeling proud. You will probably be seeing your lovely teapots cropping up all over the place too and hopefully some will be for Kate’s quilt – how generous of you to create a special design for it. x

  3. It’s great seeing your designs recreated. Since I’m a recent follower, I didn’t see the designs when they were first posted. Thanks for sharing, I also use EQ7.

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