From simple to a bit more complex

This year I have been teaching some FMQ classes in a local quilt shop. I have created many drawings and samplers for my students to look at. The first round of classes was a beginners workshop where we worked on loops, curls, echoes, flames/ferns, various fillers like pebbles and some vines. As you can imagine I have had FMQ on my mind a lot. 🙂

I took up the challenge to see if you could use the simple shapes in a bit more complex form; quilting in the round. Here are my designs. Please enjoy.

Stitched on a Janome 7700, with Topstitch 90/14 Schmetz needle. I always use the Supreme Slider and Machinger gloves when quilting. I have had them for over three years and I consider them a very wise investment.

Thread: Auripoly embroidery thread in bobbin and spool. Spool on separate spool stand next to the machine.

Fabric: unbleached cotton from IKEA, batting 100% cotton by Moda.


Have a lovely day!






36 thoughts on “From simple to a bit more complex

    • Hello Betty,
      I am teaching the workshops in my LQS in the town of Brunssum in the south of the Limburg province of the Netherlands. I may expand the workshops to other Quilt Shops, nothing has been planned yet.
      The workshops are each 3 hours as we wanted to give the students the opportunity to practice before going on to the more complex shapes. The next one will be on different feather shapes.

  1. These are beautiful. I’ve screen grabbed them and will have a go…… I think it will take a lot of practice for them to look as perfect.

    • Sure, that what I love about the internet! Grab them and use them!
      The curly shapes themselves are not that hard. The hardest thing in the examples is to get the shapes to flow in the round. Everybody finds that hard to do, especially with a domestic machine as you can’t really see where you are going because the machines are so low.

    • Hi Lynn,
      Ha ha, I could come down to France… that would be no problem at all, ha ha! I could use some sun!
      About the thread I used: every machine has different preferences. Try and experiment with what your machine likes to “eat”. Mine is pretty versatile.

  2. I’m very envious of the length of the arm on your 7700. My Janome DC3018’s arm is just a standard length and it’s hard to get a big piece of work under it. I’d love a bigger machine, but can’t justify the cost. Ah well, I’m lucky to have the machine I do have!

    • HI Kate,
      Every machine has good and bad elements. I must say that I was able to upgrade my Janome 7700 to a 8900 very recently. It is such a joy to work on (another) great machine. This new one is even better for the FMQ than the other one. I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it yet, but paper piecing and FMQ went great.
      I hope to write a comprehensive review on the new machine.

    • Yes Annett,
      Go to IKEA and get 10 meters of that cotton and get going! Just play and have fun. The first pieces will be awful but it will get better soon!

    • Hoi Iris,
      Helemaal in het verre zuiden van Limburg… misschien kunnen we wat centraler een plek vinden? Je kunt er een weekende Limburg van maken… Misschien kan ik wel jouw kant opkomen? Ik denk dat er wel wat meer mensen in de omgeving van Keulen mee willen doen. Ik denk aan Seven van @dont_count_the_stitches and @knettycraft (beide IG).

      • Ik zal het eens in de groep gooien ( Maar Brunssum is natuurlijk ook niet heel ver van keulen vandaan.

    • Hi Renee,
      I will take these samples to the next workshop where I talk about quilting in the round and how to create feathers. I have been drawing up ideas for the class this morning between grade-meetings at school. So many ideas!

    • Hi Emmely
      I am teaching the workshops in my LQS in the town of Brunssum in the south of Limburg. I may expand the workshops to other quilt shops, nothing has been planned yet.

    • Hello Laura!
      Please let me know how things went with your machine. I have just upgraded to a 8900 but I can help you with any questions about the 7700.
      Bye bye

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