Charity quilts

Last autumn Rita, who owns the local quilt shop in Brunssum, organized a Quilter’s Day. We were so happy to be allowed to use the facilities of the highschool I work at. Can you imagine 80 quilters taking over the teachers’ lounge and the library on a Saturday?

Before the ‘quilter’s take-over’!

There was a show-and-tell, a quilt block drive for charity, a small hand sewing project, demonstrations and also some shopping to do. A group of about 8 of my students (teens) helped that day with holding up the quilts and various odds jobs. (I am so proud of them! Some off them took up quilting after this day.)

The quilt block drive was a huge success! We received sooooo many blocks that it was quite overwhelming. The quilt blocks will become quilts for a charity quilt drive organized by Alison of Little Island Quilting in the UK. Her Soy Amado project has been a huge success, so much so that the children’s home in Mexico now has quilts for every child. A new charity has been selected in Johannesburg in South-Africa. Rita and I asked for quilt blocks of 12,5″, unquilted.

One afternoon after the Quilter’s Day at school, a student of mine helped me lay out all the blocks and come up with interesting combinations. Here are the pictures we took while moving the blocks around. (There may one or two blocks missing from these pictures)

Please scroll down and help me select the next quilt for me to work on!

‘Pink Heaven quilt’


‘Rainbow quilt’


‘Red, White and Blue quilt’. We will add sashings and a larg borders to enlarge the quilt.


‘Soft and Gentle quilt’


‘Spring Day quilt’.  We will add sashings and a larg borders to enlarge the quilt.


‘Fun Day quilt’


‘Earth quilt’. This set needs some more blocks.


Okay , ladies and gents… I need your help picking the next quilt I will work on! Please vote!


I still have some more things to show you.

It has been several months since me receiving all the blocks. I was not able to start working on the quilts due to a shoulder injury which has now mostly healed. YAY! So finally, I have been able to start on putting the quilts together.

This last set of blocks you may recognize. I have been working on this and turning the blocks into mini quilts which will be attached with strips of fabric (Quilt As You Go technique)

‘Stars and Flowers quilt’


All the blocks quilted and waiting for finishing! You have already seen some of these blocks in close up. I will show more of them in another blog post.

One more quilt that is connected to the Quilter’s Day is waiting for finishing. All of the fabric for the top and backing was kindly donated for the charity by one quilter!

The remaining 5 blocks are pieced, and need to be attached and then the quilting has to start….

(This quilt is a regularly pieced on a foundation fabric, as you may remember)

And to finish today’s post, here is my other charity quilt that will be send to Africa with the others. Waiting patiently for the others…

If you want to participate with the charity quilt blocks drive, please don’t send your blocks to me. I have plenty to keep me busy! 😉

Please send your blocks to Alison. Please take note that Alison requests already quilted blocks!






10 thoughts on “Charity quilts

  1. Of course they are all gorgeous but I have voted for ‘Fun Day’ mostly because of the animals 😉
    I have contacted Alison to ask for her address as I am sure I could send the odd block to her for her projects and, as she is in the U.K., I can get my husband to post them when he goes for work so easy peasy!

  2. I’d love to see Rainbow finished! You’ve been working so hard behind the scenes… I’ve already sent Alison one block and next time I have a spare of the right size, I’ll send her another.

    • Hi Kate,
      That would be great! Thank you for wanting to participate once again.
      The rainbow blocks are so lovely and bright. I will have to think about fmq pattern for those.

  3. Such variety and color for all those charity blocks. And such a wonderful cause. Well done. Our guild will be getting together for a charity sew day in just a couple of weeks but we’re a small group and certainly don’t have 80 quilters. That’s impressive.

    • Good evening Ann!
      The group of quilters that were at the Quilter’s Day is not a guild, just interested quilters from the local area. As far as I know there is no local guild, just several bee-groups. I have found one bee I really enjoy; they come together once a month in the evening. Just right for me!
      Have a lovely week!

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