F2F blocks and more.

Last month’s Foot to Freestyle blocks for Claire of ‘Knit N Kwilt’  were to be in the colors brown (deep, rich, or ordinary), red, orange with a background of cream to beige to tan.

I started with this classic star with some fabric that I had received in a surprise box from Craftsy. In that box there were all kind of fabrics from Robert Kaufman’s collection ‘Fusion’. Don’t you think that red fabric looks like knitting? The block is paper pieced (Saint’s Star pattern, free pattern), just because I prefer to do blocks that way as I will know for sure the size will be correct.

The next block also uses fabric from that textured fabric collection: here the pinkish red looks like woven wool fabric. I particularly like the background fabric here. It comes from a collection of earthy fabrics that my local quilt shop sells. I reminds me of drought cracks in the earth or craquelure in old ceramics. The pattern for this block is “Out There” (free pattern)

For this last F2F block I used again a fabrics from that surprise box: the light brown stipple and a stripe this time. In the centre the stripe comes together in a cross. I was really surprised at the visual impact this fussy cutting has. I will sure use it again! I also used two different fabrics in the background: some scraps I was given. The pattern for this block is “Nova” (free pattern)


I have been working on some more paper piecing blocks. All from the same pattern as the second block I showed you in this blog post; pattern ‘Out There’.

Again lots of subtile fussy cutting for these pieces.

In hindsight, I think I would have like it better if the corner pieces were cut from one piece (grey) instead of two. Live and learn, right?!

And last but not least… a green block, which a friend on Instagram called “a demented jellyfish”! Funny he?! 🙂

The last two blocks will be pillows in the near future.





19 thoughts on “F2F blocks and more.

  1. I like love them all. Such beautiful colour choices. But I particularly like the warm colours of the first few. A year ago I’d never have thought they would go together but I’m really drawn to them now.

    • Hey Jenny!
      I think I feel the same completely. When the blocks were all done, I was amazed at how much I liked them in these colors! Claire’s quilt will be amazing, for sure!

  2. I wish MY local quilt shop sold that craquelure fabric, it’s perfect for my Cosmatesque quilts 😦 Never mind, I have a nice mottled white… Claire’s blocks are beautiful, and I love your imaginative use of textures rather than just prints. I think I found hers most difficult of all; I so do not enjoy working with brown, but I’m glad I had a reason to push myself to do it.

    • Oh Kate, I could get you some! No problem at all!!!
      I had a very similar reaction to working with brown, but it worked out pretty nicely, if I say so myself! 😉

      • Oh, would you? That would be so very kind; the same colour as you have used. It could go in the envelope with my May blocks. Please tell me if there is something I can make, buy or do for you in return?

  3. Your color choices and piecing are gorgeous (as always)! Fussy cutting does lend itself to a smashing finish!! Each block is so interesting/mesmerizing to look at!!!

    • Hi June,
      Thank you for your lovely comment. I would love to see other peoples blocks from these patterns popping up on the internet. If you decide to create one too, would you please send me a picture?
      Thank you!

  4. Just love the first one with the red and the orange .. you could call it SUNSET! Also love the last one, very organic looking .. reminds me of a squid or yellyfish. All in all very impressive.

    • There is a gorgeous purple in my set too! Did you get that too? I didn’t use it for this months F2F blocks as they were much too strong, but I adore it.

      • Yes, I probably have that same purple! Although I should probably say had, because I used it as a backing for the last quilt I made.

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