‘Time for Teal’ — part 1

Feast for your eyes today!!!

Behind the scenes there has been a lot of designing, printing, emailing and photographing going on. At the end of March I designed several foundation paper piecing patterns with High Tea / Afternoon Tea on my mind. Teapot & coffeepot, cups, cupcakes and tiered cakes and more!!! And the patterns needed to be tested of course. After a quick email to my trusty team of testers and a request for some new testers on Instagram, the group was large enough for all the blocks to be tested thoroughly.

The patterns were designed for a specific charity quilt for an Ovarian Cancer Charity in Australia. The quilt is being put together by Kate from ‘Tall Tales from Chiconia’. Kate’s project is called ‘Time for Teal’ as the charity used the color teal in its logo. Kate’s idea for using tea-themed blocks is fantastic, isn’t it? The coloring suggestions in my pattern pdfs will contain teal and tan examples for this reason. I do know that teal is a weird color for a cupcake! 😉 But hey, a cupcake is a cupcake, right?! You can read more about Kate’s project in her latest blog post!

So…. the last couple of weeks I have been receiving all of lovely pictures from my testers.

Here is the first set of test blocks for you to enjoy!

I hope to release all the patterns by the end op April.

Test blocks for ‘Coffeepot’



Test blocks for ‘Cake’



Test blocks for ‘Cupcake stand’ 



  • The blocks will all be 12″ (finished size)
  • The blocks will vary from pretty simple like to ‘Cake’ block, to the pretty fussy like the ‘Cupcake Stand’. I always try to create pattern that are not too overly complex, but there may be blocks that have lots of pieces. For those new to foundation paper piecing I would recommend to start with something like the ‘Cake’ of the ‘Coffeepot’ patterns and work your way up to the more complex ones.
  • The patterns will contain color suggestions and coloring pages.
  • The patterns will NOT contain general foundation paper piecing instructions.
  • If you are curious to what a pattern of mine looks like, please download one of the free ones, like ‘Nova‘, ‘Out There‘ or ‘Saint’s Star‘, ‘Tea for Kate‘,

Again, I hope to release the blocks by the end of this month! Of course I will post on this blog when that happens.

There are more blocks being tested at this minute. These next blocks will be part of the collection too:

  • sugar and milk
  • small plate with forks
  • another teapot
  • cups, spoons and cupcakes

I do hope I have not given to an appetite for tea and cakes now…







8 thoughts on “‘Time for Teal’ — part 1

  1. Oh my word! I’ve had Lilac Cat Jenny’s coffee pot, as you know, but the cake and cupcake stand ones are just amazing! What a fantastic collection of blocks you’re putting together, such fun, so cleverly designed, and I am so very grateful for the contributions to the OCA charity quilt – it means they’ll get it so much faster, and it’ll be a good size so will raise more money than a small one. Thank you so very much for making these patterns available to potential contributors 🙂 xxxxx

  2. Well done to all your testers but especially to you for coming up with these brilliant designs. Kate is going to be able to produce some amazing quilts!

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