Star Dance

Finally finally finally … it is time to release the pattern “Star Dance’!

I have been sitting on this pattern for several months now, waiting for some extra time to write up the pattern pdf.

It is now DONE!!!

The star pattern comes in 6 and 12 inch blocks.

The pattern lends itself for some cute fussycut centres and intricate color placement.

I have been piecing more blocks with this block, but I can’t show them yet as they will go to swap partners. I will show them off as soon as I can.


  • Direct link to the craftsy website, HERE.
  • This is a digital foundation paper piecing pattern.
  • The blocks will be 6″ or 12″ (finished size)This block is doable for somebody with a bit of experience with the technique.
  • The patterns contains color suggestions and coloring pages.
  • The patterns does NOT contain general foundation paper piecing instructions.
  • If you are curious to what a pattern of mine looks like, please download one of the free ones, like ‘Nova‘, ‘Out There‘ or ‘Saint’s Star‘, ‘Tea for Kate‘.




8 thoughts on “Star Dance

  1. The block in photograph two has now been quilted and is waiting to be put together with all my other F2F blocks. I was thrilled when it arrived at my door and would love to have a go at the pattern now that I’ve spent a couple of days getting to grips with paper piecing. I see on Craftsy that it is labelled ‘beginner’ so, even though it looks complex, I’m going to give it a try 🙂

  2. This is a perfect paper piecing block, very versatile. The fabrics and colors you have selected are really nice, your piecing is perfect. Congratulations! Barbora

  3. Just love the colors and pattern in the first BIG star (could it be a star fish?). It reminds me of our home decorating colors when we first moved to Florida. Always associate those colors with those found on our beaches here on the Gulf Coast.

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