Time for Teal – part 2

Ding Ding Ding! Round TWO!!!

Here are the second and last set of test blocks for my newest patterns.

(A HUGE thank you to all the people who help test these blocks!!! I will send you all an email soon!)

Please go to my previous post to see the first set of test blocks!


Test blocks ‘Teapot’:



Test blocks ‘Sugar and Milk’



Testblock ‘Small Plate’



And one more pretty Cake block!

Design concepts:

From my previous blog post:

“The patterns were designed for a specific charity quilt for an Ovarian Cancer Charity in Australia. The quilt is being put together by Kate from ‘Tall Tales from Chiconia’. Kate’s project is called ‘Time for Teal’ as the charity used the color teal in its logo. Kate’s idea for using tea-themed blocks is fantastic, isn’t it? The coloring suggestions in my pattern pdfs will contain teal and tan examples for this reason. …    …. You can read more about Kate’s project in her latest blog post!


  • The blocks are all 12″ (finished size)
  • The blocks vary from pretty simple like to ‘Teapot’ block, to the pretty fussy like the ‘Sugar And Milk’.
  • The patterns contain color suggestions and coloring pages.
  • The patterns do NOT contain general foundation paper piecing instructions.
  • If you are curious to what a pattern of mine looks like, please download one of the free ones, like ‘Nova‘, ‘Out There‘ or ‘Saint’s Star‘, ‘Tea for Kate‘,

I will blog very soon about the complete set of patterns! 




10 thoughts on “Time for Teal – part 2

  1. It’s a sensational set! My personal favourite in this blog is the small plate, forks and cake slice, so pretty! And the tiger teapot is amazing. I’m driving myself crazy right now with some stacked saucers and teacups with dozens of tiny, tiny pieces, but the finished result will be great, so I’m persisting. After that, I’m going to need lots more Dresden Plates, so I know there’s a lot of appliqué in my future. Thank you so much for all the good work you’re doing for this cause, dear Esther!

    • Oh Kate,
      It was great fun work on the blocks. You really inspired my to design these blocks. I hope you will receive many cool blocks for your quilt(s)!!! Looking forward to seeing them!

      • You have created such a fabulous collection there, and your layout for using them is inspired! I hope you sell lots of patterns 🙂 Maybe we can do it again next year: I’ve been trying to come up with a new name for the next quilt… Meanwhile, there’s another post on the way shortly!

  2. All lovely but I particularly like the tiger teapot as I just recently bought some of that fabric and I wouldn’t have thought to use it like that – it looks great.

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