F2F blocks and presents

Here are some pretty pictures to celebrate the weekend!

First up are the F2F blocks from last month. These blocks took a while to arrive at their new home in Australia so I waited with displaying them here. Nanette will create a pretty quilt with all her blocks from around the world.

An unfinished pattern that will be called ‘Faster and Faster’.

This block is the pattern ‘Out There‘. Because of the dark triangles in the corners, this blocks looks very different from the others I have created with this same pattern.

And this last block is the pattern ‘ Star Dance‘.

A while back I also worked on some presents for a dear friend who was pregnant with a little girl. As the bay has now been born and the presents have been unwrapped, I can now display the presents here too.

I put a Noodlehead Divided Basket together. I did have some trouble with the outer basket that didn’t really match up with the inner shape. I should have taken more care when fitting it… now there is a little pucker on the front…. Oh well. I have learned a lot.

My friend liked a paler/ cooler pink, grey, mints and teals for the baby’s room. I went on a rummage in my many bins of fabrics. I think I found a lovely collection.

I filled the basket with bibs and burn cloths.

I can’t remember which pattern I used for the bibs, sorry!

I used a tutorial by Cloud Nine to create the burp cloths.

Mommy and baby are very happy with the gifts.

Happy weekend!!!



7 thoughts on “F2F blocks and presents

  1. What a great gift – so much better than inappropriate toys for a very young baby. The colour palette is very sweet too, not sugary, but soft and delicate.

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