Coral, Mustard and Jade – part 1

Okay, I jumped in… maybe a bit too quickly… but I have started with my quilting the F2F blocks. Here is the collection again from last June. There will be more blocks added to create a bigger quilt for my bed. It has been almost a year… So why did I jump in too soon?

I should have thought about how the blocks might shrink differently due to more dense quilting…and how that would affect the construction of the quilt. I have come up with a solution to get all blocks to the same size, but it would have been easier if I had taken all of this into account before I started cutting into the backing fabric and batting. Oh well… I will talk about my solution at a later date, but first the first set of pretty blocks on parade!


Block 1, my own. Foundation paper pieced.



Block 2, foundation paper pieced by Annett from Knetty Craft.



Block 3, my own, foundation paper pieced. Pattern ‘Out There’ (free to download)



Block 4. pieced by Avis from Oh Sew Tempting.



Block 5. Pieced by Annett from Knetty Craft.



Block 6, pieced by Christina. (sorry only small picture of the original block)



Hope to share some more blocks with you soon!








15 thoughts on “Coral, Mustard and Jade – part 1

  1. I love the way the blocks – already gorgeous – are transformed by your beautiful quilting. I’ll be interested to hear how you coped with the ‘shrinkage’ as it may have caused me a few problems too – although I didn’t quilt nearly as densely as you and mine certainly isn’t good enough to be exposed in close up shots 😉

  2. So exciting to see the start of your beautiful quilt! I’m really grateful for the advance warning on how much the quilting can affect the finished size of the block – I’ll need to bear that in mind for the T4T quilt too.

  3. The blocks are nothing short of gorgeous!!!! You are brave to quilt before joining!!! I’ve never even thought of doing that! Curious as to your solution/resolution……..

  4. Beautiful quilting transforming already beautiful blocks. I really want to get at my own F2F projects, but have a few “have to do” projects first.

  5. These are so pretty, too. I love how you add texture to each one, and though the quilting is different, it all goes together. A masterpiece in the making.

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