Coral, Mustard and Jade – part 2

In June 2015 I received these three pinwheel blocks from Susan who blogs at Desert Sky Quilting. This block is actually called a Flying Fan and Sue provides a tutorial. Great huh?!

The yellow Flying Fan block grabbed my fancy first and I drew on some arches with the longarm rulers. I did not use them for quilting, just drawing.

I must have changed my mind a thousand times while sketching on this block… as you can see by all the purple lines…

I am using a simple white thread on top and in the bobbin. It is a finer thread by Amann and I love it.

I have found that I gravitate towards tiny feathers for this quilt project. So I am just going with the flow.

I am very happy with this result.

And of course a picture of the back! Love that too!

The second block I tackled was this beauty I received from Nanette who blogs at Stitch and Sew.

Again I drew lines with a rules and stitched it freehand.

I tried some matchstick quilting to flatten certain areas to create a kind of shadow pattern.

Yep, some feathers snuck in there too.

You can see the feathers and overall shapes better from the back:

The third block was this lovely one from Sue who blogs at From the Magpie’s Nest

I did use the longam ruler, now with the ruler foot. It went very well. In between the arches I put lots and lots of small feathers. More feathers 😉

A bit of the purple marker is this visible in this picture. (The purple marker didn’t disappear by itself so I wetted the block. The purple was gone within minutes.) The aches in the centre square I only drew as a reference line for the feathers.

Did you spot the fussy cut centre?


And the lovely back!

At the moment I am working lots of secret projects for the F2F2 swap. The first set of blocks have been mailed of to France and the seconds set is about two-thirds done. There are fantastic color combinations to work with. I really enjoyed it! I hope to show you the first set soon!












19 thoughts on “Coral, Mustard and Jade – part 2

    • Hello Claudia,
      Thank you for your lovely comment. I think I switch favorites everytime I hold them, ha ha! The one I am working on is the favorite… and then the next one… and the next one…
      Have a lovely day!

  1. Virtuoso quilting, as always! Your finished quilt is going to be sensational, and I really look forward to posting it in the gallery – it’ll be such a highlight!

    • Hello Kate!!!
      I am really enjoying the proces of this quilt. Some blocks immediatly “tell me” what kind of quilting they would like… 😉 Others are asking a little more thought. I am aiming for a lot of different patterns but also cohesion in the quilting.

  2. Esther! These blocks are so beautiful! I can’t believe how those plain blocks turn into such amazing objects of beauty. You are doing a wonderful job, and your feathers are so good. Thanks for sharing what you’re doing.

  3. The second block (teal)is my favorite also: the “front” has so many layers providing depth and perspective. The “back” reminds me of a snowflake. Even thought the quilts are small they must be giving you heaps of satisfaction.

    • HI Annie,
      Yes they are very lovely to do. It is a small project that you can finish within a set time. It doesn’t overwhelm me as much as a whole quilt would.
      Hugs and kisses

  4. I’m not going to worry about making simple blocks for you; you turn everything into a work of art with your quilting. Glad you appreciate the fussy cut patch. ;- )

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