More catching up

Okay okay… it is time to share the last couple of months’ F2F2 swap blocks.

August:  black background with orange and yellow.


Pattern ‘Star Dance’. Link to Craftsy, here



Pattern ‘Venice’. Link to Craftsy, here.



Pattern ‘Blurry’. Link to pattern Blurry on Craftsy. (enlarged)


September:  white, red and blue for a Quilt of Valor.


Pattern economy blocks and pussycat blocks.



Pattern ‘Saint’s Star’.  Link to Craftsy; FREE patternhere.



Pattern ‘Blaze’, not released yet.


October: dark navy background with hot colors.


Pattern ‘Out There’. Link to Craftsy, here. FREE pattern



Pattern “October Sky’. Link to Craftsy, here.



Pattern ‘Take Flight’, not released yet.


November: light background with aqua and lilac.


Pattern ‘Take Flight’, not released yet.



Pattern taken from the EQ7 software, adapted.



Pattern taken from the EQ7 software, adapted.


The December blocks are still “on route” to France, so I can show you those yet..


I do solemnly swear not to wait so long anymore to show you the pretty pictures of pretty blocks and pretty quilts!

For more pretty F2F2 blocks, check our the whole swap group. Just click here.


17 thoughts on “More catching up

  1. Your work is always gorgeous and your beautiful designs are partly what caused me to take the leap into paper piecing. I’m getting better but still lots of room for improvement!

    • What a great comment! I do hope that you will enjoy the technique as much as I do. I don’t use it all the time, but for the F2F blocks I do… Really great precision and a great way to play with color.

  2. Very impressive. The Blurry pattern is my favorite, closely followed by Take Flight. “Blurry” seemed to jump off the screen. Somehow it reminded me of origami. Might be the dark background color giving it another dimension? “Take Flight” seemed to want to launch off the screen into outer space?

    • Goodmorning Annie!
      ‘Blurry’ is one of my favorites too! It is easy to piece and very dramatic and dynamic in its design. ‘Take flight’ also reminds me of stars going nova.
      Lots of hugs,

  3. The blocks you make are always so dramatic. I love the ones I’ve received. I hope you’ll be happy with the ones you’ll be receiving from me soon!

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