December Swap Blocks

This November and December was such on incredibly busy period with me moving out my flat, getting settled at my parents’ house and the added stress of buying another house. My swap blocks suffered… I was late and I mean LATE sending them out!!!

These next three blocks were the December blocks in pink, bright blue and yellow on a white background.


I experimented with a design called ‘Faster and Faster’ which will be released somewhere this Spring.


This cute block is also a pattern experiment…don’t know yet if I will pursue it or not.


For the third and last block I used a economy block pattern that I have used before. really easy and fabulous effective.

I played with the separate economy blocks before I sewed them together as I had originally planned.


This month I will be on the receiving end of the swap! Two envelops have arrived already with fabulous blocks!!!



9 thoughts on “December Swap Blocks

  1. Your blocks are always worth waiting for Esther! I hope things have settled down a little for you now – moving house is such a disruption but exciting at the same time. I have finished your blocks – just waiting for Sandra to give me her third one so I can send them all off together.

    • Oh you are too kind!
      The moving stress is not over yet, in about a moth or two I can do it all over againThis time preparing a house to move in to and unpacking all my stuff…. oh my … and that is a lot of stuff, ha ha!
      Can’t wait to see your’s and Sandra’s blocks!

  2. Faster and Faster is a wonderful block! I have three ready to send to you too, just have to get to the post office.

    • Thank you very much! The block Faster and Faster is a lot of fun. The pink ring around the centre star is actually two parts of the pattern used as one. It was fun discovering this neat trick.
      I can’t wait to see the blocks arrive!

  3. The first two quilts reminded me of fire works; I would call the first one SPINNING WHEEL and the second one KABOOM! The third one was very calming in comparison.

  4. Fabulous as always! The second one reminds me of a Catherine Wheel firework, which spins in a circle and has sparks coming off the edge of the circle too. This month, you’re getting two new patterns from me… Going to the post office this morning, so they might just arrive before the end of the month.

  5. Those are beautiful blocks and I don’t think Gun minded waiting for them! I have one of 3 blocks finished for you. They will be mailed by the end of the month. =)

  6. Oh Esther! Please please PLEASE pursue that “cute block” pattern! I sooo need to make some! Thank you for these beautiful blocks. I look forward to the patterns!

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