365 Day Doodle challenge – part 1

A couple of days ago I stumbled on a Instagram post by Jodi Robinson where she shared a picture of her small daily doodles. The words she used as a inspiration for the daily doodles come from a 365 Day Doodle challenge set up by Betsey Langford from the American Quilter’s Society. Betsey has set us the challenge of drawing once a day with a continuous line, JUST LIKE IN FREEMOTION QUILTING. 

You all know I like that! 🙂


( source of picture: Instagram account Jodi Robinson IG: @jodirdesigns )


I was intrigued by the idea of “a doodle a day” but also knew that using just one small little square in a planner would not suffice for me. I like to doodle big, many ideas in one sitting. I also knew that I would not be doodling every day, but that I wanted to take an hour or two once or twice a week and just sit and draw. Once I start drawing, often new ideas come easily and I wanted to take advantage of that and not be cut short by a limited space.


For this challenge I am using a large ringed notebook with blank pages. I have no idea if I will finish all the 365 words in this challenge, but I will have a go at it. I have not finished all the words on my list yet (one per day) and I may need your help for inspiration.

I am also aiming to actually stitch some of these designs. But not at this moment, other quilts needs to be pieced first.


The first 10 words from the 365 Daily Doodle Challenge:

No 001 – Promise



No. 002 – Twisted.



No. 003 – Serendipity



No 004 – Exception.

I really didn’t know  what to do with this word… so I did this pattern instead. Maybe I am the exception…



No. 5 – Upside Down



No. 6 – Bugs



No 007 – Gummy

I interpreted the word Gummy as something squishy and bouncy.



No 008 – Bones

Human bones, fish skeleton and wish bones!



No 010 – Waterfall

I filled two pages with ideas for this word.



I was wondering if you could help me with some inspiration for the word I have not used yet: CRAFTY. Do you have any ideas?

Jodi Robinson on Instagram is using this hashtag:   #aqsdoodles

Betsey from AQS set up a hashtag for Facebook and Instagram: #365daydoodlechallenge This last hashtag seems to be filled though with a different kind of drawing challenge. I will use both on IG when I will share the pictures there.

Will you also start with the daily doodle challenge?

More information can be found on the AQS blog.

Have fun drawing!



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