Home staging and quilting

During last summer I took my apartment off the market. I had been trying to sell it for two years… TWO YEARS and not even one single viewing!


I changed to a different realtor and decided I wanted my house styled and photographed differently. I hired a local home stager. Best decision ever!

One of the most important things we decided on was painting over the one pink and another two large mustard walls, which I adored both. We agreed on a taupe.

Bye bye pink..



Hello taupe!


Bye bye yellow!



Hello black sofa!


Even though the picture is quite dark, the taupe made the room look bigger actually. Weird hey?!

The stylist advised me to also change the couch, at least for the photographs that would go on the realtor’s website.

So my dad helped me buy the second hand black Ikea sofa for next to nothing. While the stylist was taking the fish-eye photos, the creme leather sofa was on wheels being pushed from room to room, ha ha!


Now doesn’t that room look impressive now?




It was a weird experience to live in a house with your own things, but styled with the black accessories and such a dark color on the wall. … I missed the yellow… I missed the pink! BUT… it worked! The new pictures pulled in the crowds!

I sold the apartment within 5 weeks!

On the back sofa (in the pictures above) you see a green plaid and yellow pillows from the stylist. (Yes, she brought back some of that color we painted over). The black sofa and the plaid with pillows were moved out after the pictures. I put back my creme sofa but still wanted to recreate some of the look of the pictures.


I found some cheap fluffy curtain fabric in that mustard yellow. it stretched a bit… not a fabulous fabric to quilt… but I did it anyway.


Pebbles and swirl-flowers did the trick. I made two pillows in mirror image of each other.


The back I kept simple with straight lines. Not perfect, but it worked!


When the apartment sold, I moved all my things into storage. In about 6 weeks I will get the keys to the new house. Hopefully I can unpack my things soon after and put the pretty yellow pillows on my creme sofa again!


I am contemplating putting that yellow back in my house, maybe not on the walls, though. I have spotted a gorgeous teal curtain too…. decisions decisions decisions…



9 thoughts on “Home staging and quilting

  1. I had a similar experience many years ago. The boyfriend of the time and I split up and he moved out. He had strong opinions about colour, and had wanted our living room painted red, not my favourite choice, but I went with it. Of course, it became impossible to sell the house, but he was very impatient to make it happen… Without saying anything to him, I changed the wall colour to a very pale green. The house sold 3 weeks later… I think a smaller couch also helps to make the space look larger, something I discovered for myself we we replaced ours with two comfy armchairs!

  2. Your apartment looks gorgeous but then I liked it before the home stager moved in too. It’s not as if anything major had to be done in order for your apartment to sell – just a change of paint colour and a sofa swap – but nobody could see past those minor details for themselves. Oh well, it’s sold now and you can move on – literally! – so it was worth doing but the general public’s total lack of imagination when viewing property depresses me.

  3. It’s sad that buyers can’t see through things. I got our our cheap know what little things I was going to change.

  4. In my lifetime, I’ve gotten deals because we could see changes that others couldn’t, and we were willing to do the work. Your story is a dramatic vindication of house staging! (And buyers’ lack of vision and energy). Apartment sold. Mission accomplished.

  5. Congratulations on your sale. It is a beautiful space. It is sad that the buyers couldn’t see past the color. When I was selling my house, I hated to paint the walls because I figured the buyers would change it to their colors anyway, so we were wasting money, but I’m sure it helped sell the house.

  6. Dear Esther, I’m so happy to hear that you sold your apartment! We needed about four years and I know how frustrating and difficult that time is. I love the yellow wall much more and the pink is also great! Would never choose black sofa even it looks stylish. Your new pillows are awesome and look beautiful on your creme couch! x Teje

  7. I am so excited for you! Staging our house last year helped it sell and sounds like you had some great results for your effort. Love your new pillow.

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