Christmas Quilting

Secret sewing for people that you live with can be difficult. You don’t want them to see what you are working on, so you need to hurry when they are going out.

Every time my parents left the house for an hour or more, I immediately sat behind my machine to put two Christmas pillows together.


My friend who owns the local quilt shop carries this new Moda series Holiday Magic that has several panel fabrics. I got this awesome deer fabric to put on the front of the pillows.


First I added some bling to the bark trees by going over the lines on the left of each tree. I wanted it to look like glistening snow on one side of the tree after a snow storm.


I also outlined the deer itself by going round it three times. Hey presto… magical deers!


The “Merry” parts of the fabric I free motioned with loops and similar patterns.


And the back I freemotioned to my heart’s content!


More silver metallic thread!


Fabulous red Kona solid fabric that matched the red from the front.


Oh boy, I had fun with this!


Pebbles, beans, swirls…


… feathers, paisleys, and swirls!


I put the zipper on the bottom of the pillows as I knew that my parents would want to display the pillows from both sides.


On Christmas Eve I gave the pillows to my parents who were very surprised. They hadn’t noticed that I had been working on something.

Mission accomplished!

Quilt stats:

  • Metallic thread by Madeira, put on a separate spool stand next to the machine.
  • Invisifil wt 100 thread by Wonderfil in the bobbin, IF 103
  • Cotton batting by Moda,
  • Bottom of quilt sandwiches on the insides of the pillows: unbleached cotton by Ikea.





13 thoughts on “Christmas Quilting

  1. I love the ‘legwarmers’ on the tree trunks. Your quilting always fills me with admiration – and makes me green with envy – your parents must have been thrilled.

  2. Love it!!! I haven’t seen that panel (wish I had!!!)! The thread is so perfect for that “glisten” effect……….yup, stitching secret stuff, and keeping it secret, is a real challenge!!!!

  3. Absolutely stunning. It will be one of their favorite Christmas
    presents ever. Just love how the colors look on the sofa and how the reverse side is just as beautiful.

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