Hot Green

This January I received many gorgeous blocks from my F2F swap friends from all around the world. Now that I have finally moved to my new house… YAY!!!…. I am able to work on a quilt with these little treasures.


For this swap I had requested 12 inch blocks based on the colors from this picture I made of a flower a while back.


Hot Pink / Magenta with a muted darker green with a bit of grey on a light background in whites or cremes. Unusual color combination for a quilt, I know!

In the picture with all the blocks, there are some pretties missing. I have put them somewhere safe before the house move… and I haven’t unpacked all the boxes yet. So… Kate… your stunning blocks will go in this quilt too of course!

Here are Kate’s pretty blocks. Pictures are copied for the F2F swap blog.

esther-christmas-cactus esther-bamboo-star esther-hexies

I started working on this next block to add to the collection.


Playing with the pieces…


Playing some more…


And then… sewing them together wrong…. HA HA HA!

Okay, in the end it turned out fine as there were very similar blocks in the collection already!


Block number two started with some play in the software EQ7. I printed a small block as a reference while piecing.


As the block is based on a 5 x 5 grid and the block is a 12  inch block some of the pieces had weird seizes. That is way I pinned the grey fabric to the foundation paper, just to make sure I had the right size.




This quilt will go on a wall in my new house to cover up some cables left by the former owners. They had put up this enormous TV and had all the cables inbedded in the walls. (is that what you call that?) I didn’t want to damage the wall when taking the cables out, so I decided just to cover them up. And a quilt is a best cable-coverer, don’t you know? 😉


I wanted lots of flying geese in this quilt… LOTS!


But where to put the geese?


Use them as sashing or as a border?


I have decided to lay out the blocks in a 6 x 6 blocks grid. The centre of the quilt will have a square of 3 x 3 blocks with the geese around.


Something like this… but with 9 blocks in the centre and not 4.  I haven’t decided yet where each block will go, this is just a mock-up.33564492702_5b5c99b160_z_d

Okay, let’s make some more flying geese!!!


Hugs and a thousand thanks to all my friends who pieced these fabulous blocks for me!







12 thoughts on “Hot Green

  1. Wow, Esther, that’s going to be gorgeous! I always love seeing all the blocks together. I still need to make my own for me.

    • Thank you! Having a reason for working on a particular quilt really works for me. If there is no haste, it will be on the W.I.P. Pile for a long while….

  2. Ooo, flying geese as sashing! What a great idea. It will be fun to see how you finally end up setting these. It takes forever to get settled into a new home, doesn’t it?

    • I adore the sashing idea too, I just want to make sure that the flying geese don’t draw the attention away from the blocks. When I have all the blocks, I will see what it looks like.

  3. Flying geese is a wonderful idea! Don’t worry, you’ll get those boxes unpacked one day… I’m very bad like that, I still have boxes from a move 3 years ago – books I don’t read much, not sewing equipment, of course! I love that colour scheme so much now I see all the blocks laid out, it’s going to be a perfect cable-cover 🙂

    • Ha ha , my sewing room is okay at the moment. Still some boxes left, one of which contains your pretty blocks. The living area and other rooms are quite orderly and things are in their place. After the move, work picked up again with a extremely busy week at the moment with tests and lots of grading to do. After Easter there is more of a slow pace and I hope to get the rest in order and clear those boxes.

  4. These are some beautiful blocks! I especially like one of Kate’s that you show in this post. The one with what looks like green buds in a circle with a star block behind it. Is that block pattern available for purchase?

  5. The whole color scheme screams: SPRING. From flying geese, to ship sails. I also saw lots of kite patterns in the quilts. It will be GORGEOUS on your wall in the new house. Congratulations.

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