FMQ samples – part 2

Thank you for all your comments on my last post. Your ideas for other markers are great. I have so far tried the SewLine retractable pencil with the ceramic pencil leads. I have worked with them for a little bit and so far I think they are great. I haven’t worked on larger areas with them so I can’t tell you much about how the lines hold up if the quilt is handled a lot.

The next samples were marked with a thick chalk pencil (NOT the Sewline one, but the ‘Signet Color’ by Hoechst from Germany) which I bought in a sewing shop a few years ago.


Source picture.  (non-affiliated)

I like the white chalk, but am not very happy with the other colors. I have once worked with the blue chalk and it didn’t come out of the quilt, even after four washings. Yikes!

Anyway, here are the samples!

First up is the baptist fan.

In the sample I have used a 1 inch grid, but of course it can be stitched larger. I personally would not go larger that a 4 inch grid, just because it is very hard to see where you are going on a domestic machine. Maybe it would be wise to mark those curves then.


Fill up those baptist fans!


I really like this next one. I had to remind myself that the curves had to look like rainbows. If I didn’t do that they turned out way too flat.


This next pattern reminds me of an Art Deco wall paper or an ancient Egyptian fresco with flowers.


The red set of samples were marked with the purple air erasable pen. Looking at this picture I think it could be smart to first stitch out the horizontal and vertical lines with a walking foot and then fill in the squares with the freemotion foot. If you do the whole thing with freemotion it may look a little bit wobbly.


And this next one I had to pick out at least 4 times… yes 4 times! I kept messing up the direction of the pattern. But the result is stunning, don’t you think? I was inspired by a picture on Pinterest.  Follow the picture back to it original source and you will find many inspiring grid patterns. Check out the site that sells pantographs for the longarm. (non-affiliated).

In the original picture the lines get closer together and concentrate in one corner. I will try that too, but in my sample with the 1 inch grid that was just a bit too much.


This next idea is one that you will find on quilts as in Zentangle drawings. I have seen quilters stitch this one out using rulers. It would be a lot neater for sure with a ruler, but I like it like this too. Again, my comfort zone for this idea would be a 3 or maybe 4 inch square, just because you need to be able to see where you are going. Personally I like the tiny 1 inch versions the best!


The thread build up in this last pattern almost creates a shadow effect like in the original zentangle drawing I saw on Pinterest. That link leads to this website. (non-affiliated) Using a darker thread (darker than the fabric) would make it look exactly like the drawing.


If you have interesting patterns that I could stitch out, please let me know!

I have created three boards on Pinterest for these samples:

  • Quilting Grids
  • Quilting Baptist Fans
  • Quilting Orange Peel

Have fun browsing the boards if you are an Pinterest fan!




6 thoughts on “FMQ samples – part 2

  1. More lovely work. I use the Bohn chalk with different colours and haven’t had much success with getting it to come out – it certainly doesn’t just rub off. The search continues.

    • Hello!
      You wonder why they create the colored chalk if it doesn’t wash out , right? It causes so much grief. When I bought that chalk pen, I trusted the company to provide me with a good product. I learned to test things out…for sure!

  2. I know exactly the pin you mean! I looked at it, and decided not to put it on my Quilting board because I knew I’d never be able to replicate it! The quilter whose work I’m really loving on Pinterest (she’s mainly on Instagram, but I don’t use that) is Pamela Wiley: P(@wiley_pamela), her work is magnificent, geometric and modern. Glad the ceramic markers are working for you – I do find they rub off if you handle the fabric too much, but that’s better than not coming off at all!

    • I have just discovered her quilts. I had never seen any of her work, until I started to collect pictures of the fillers for my samplers. I am really awestruck by her work. I hope that I will get the chance to see them in real life. Thank you for the tip on the marker! It is just perfect for my needs!

  3. Hello Sue!
    I have just started another sampler, but this time it is based on the orange peel pattern. After that sampler is filled I will go back to the baptist fans. I have found so many ideas for the baptist fan pattern, I believe I could stitch more that 100…

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