FMQ samples – part 8 – tutorial TWIST and play

Last two blogposts gave you several variations of the TWIST pattern. Here are some more ideas using the same pattern elements.


I have called this pattern ‘ONION FLOWER’ as the curves in each grid remind me of a quartered onion. Thinking about the onion helped me to keep the shapes uniform while stitching.

The pattern is stitched out per row.


And this next funky pattern is based on only two of those twist elements. Technically (mathematically) this type of pattern is called a tessellation. A tessellation is a shape that that can be repeated and fits together whiteout overlapping, so it interlocks. Think about squares, and hexagons. You know, we quilters actually use a lot of tessellations. 



I have recently found a book by Jinny Beyer, whom you may know for her fabric designs. The book is all about tessellations in quilts and how to construct them. It is called ‘Designing Tessellations – the Secrets of Interlocking Patterns’. (link, non-affiliated). I am looking forward to dive into this book.

Here are two more patterns I stitched out this last couple of days. The first one is a bit of a boxy circlular shape that I filled.


The second one is an orange peel pattern with an added flower shape in the middle of the intersections. This pattern is based on a piece of wallpaper that I saw on Pinterest. The pattern can’t be stitched out  with a continuous line and you would have to start and stop for each extra flower. Not something I would recommend on a quilt. For that reason I am leaving out the tutorial for this last pattern.


Have a lovely day, my friends,



11 thoughts on “FMQ samples – part 8 – tutorial TWIST and play

  1. I am looking at your last pattern and somehow I think you could stitch continuous line here. With lots of planning and I don’t think too many track backs, I think it could be done. Now you’ve got me curious.

  2. You are so creative. The last sample reminds me of flowers
    and petals; maybe because our jasmine bush is blossoming. Congratulations: your designs all look GORGEOUS!

    • Thank you. I have spotted a Gardenia bush at the garden centre yesterday and it made me think of you.
      Yesterday was such a gorgeous day and I spent it in my garden. I loved puttering around with the plants and soil. It looks fabulous already.

  3. I think you should rename Onion Flower, it’s not very romantic… How about Molen Weide? And that tessellation design looks like lots of slightly wonky maps of Australia, surrounded by ocean!

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