FMQ samples – part 10 – tutorial MOD POMME

Today’s set of patterns and tutorial reminds me of a cross section of an apple with its seeds. So here is a seventies-style apple design , which I have named MOD POMME because using some French instantly gives something style, right? 🙂

(Pomme is French for apple)


When you combine This MOD POMME with a partial orange peel it turns out pretty cute, if I say so myself. you could say the MOD POMME is places inside a circle.


The designs were stitched out on an 1 inch grid.


You stitch out the MOD POMME pattern first. If you so desire you add circles, orange peels or an echo.

I am not convinced of my next sample here. The curls are a bit uneven and the boxy shapes are wonky. I need to try stitching this one again. The drawing (above) looks much better. Maybe I need to pre-mark the boxy curl outline..and while I am at it, I also need to mark those orange peels…. oh boy… not my best work. Maybe we should call this ‘ Fruit Salade’ as we are mixing apples and oranges with a sprinkling of chaos! 😉


But then again, sometimes you come up with very pretty other ones!

The negative space between the MOD POMME shapes looks like a medieval cross to me.


Have you had your fruit today?




12 thoughts on “FMQ samples – part 10 – tutorial MOD POMME

  1. All I can say is “Bon Apetit”; the fruit salad looks delicious; one might even say “scrumptious”.

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