FMQ samples – part 12 – tutorial Orange Peel

Hello all my quilty friends!

It was a fantastically beautiful day today with bright sunshine and dramatic dark clouds. The garden is coming into bloom and the bulbs I planted a few weeks ago are starting to show their first leaves.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Mother’s Day and certain nephew’s 5th birthday… I forsee lots of birthday presents that look like James Bond’s cars, Formula 1 race cars and Kitt from Knight Rider. 🙂

Sunshine, my favorite people and making brownies… a weekend well spent!



To celebrate our favorite people, how better than to stitch the LOVE into their quilt?

Hearts, flowers, pretty much any pretty flourish can be added to this cute orange peel pattern.


I have this pile of paper with printed grids, orange peel or clamshell patterns on it. Whenever I feel like doodling, I grab this pile and I fill the shapes with whatever pops into my brain. This next pattern was created like that.


I have called this pattern FLOW as it looks like curls of smoke or water.34303462121_4d25a1083d_k_d

While perusing Pinterest for new filler patterns, I came across a picture of a rug with an interesting pattern. I followed the link back to the webshop of the London store. (link, non-affiliated)

It is not exactly an orange peel pattern, but it kind of fits this blogpost. To me it looks like orange slices laid out in this curvy road pattern.


Or maybe they are lemon slices ready to be put into a nice adult beverage….

As I am imagining that a colorful umbrella will also be in that drink and there is a cute guy waving a feathered large fan to keep me cool……( oh the daydreams I have while stitching, ha ha! ) … here is a pattern that looks like many of those feathers fans!


Now, I am getting myself a drink… a hot tea and not a adult one….. I need to grade my students’ exams. All high school senior students in the country are taking their national exams these two weeks.  Lots of text to go though and figuring out of this or that answer fits the answer key…

I better get to it!






12 thoughts on “FMQ samples – part 12 – tutorial Orange Peel

  1. Your a genius! So glad I found your blog. I will be taking the time to peruse your archived posts! Thanks!

    • Oh, a genius? i don’t know about that, but I do know I am addicted to this project of stitching 100 patterns. At the moment I am at day 41 and the ideas are still flowing. Having fun!!!
      Bye bye

  2. Stunningly beautiful and three-dimensional.
    Congratulations for having so much talent.

  3. What fun you have while you doodle. I need a lot more practice before I can do this well. The heart doesn’t look too tricky, though. Actually, I’d like to try these on a longarm! LOL I like the orange/lemon slices one, too.

    • Please don’t think that all of the patterns are really hard to do. Even though the result is complex, doesn’t mean the stitching is too!
      The heart orange peel is an easy one for sure. and super cute!

  4. Love your ideas and the step by step process on grid paper. I think I’ll start a grid notebook for just this purpose! Do you have any suggested quilt top designs (ie flying geese works well with ___) that these would fit onto or would you classify them all as just fillers? I ask because they are all done in rows versus meandering designs.

    • Hello Kelly,
      Thank you for your patience.
      These patterns are all based on a rigid grid, like squares or triangles. They could be used as a filler or an edge to edge pattern. If your quilt top has clearly defined shapes like half square triangle or squares you could use their points as a reference for the stitching. You wouldn’t need to mark the top. In general I like to soften very geometrical patchwork with more round quilting, like swirls. But there is a very modern esthetic where just simple straight line are used, even in matchstick style, on the whole quilt top.
      Have a lovely day,

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