FMQ samples – part 14 – more ORANGE PEEL variations & TUTORIALS

In my last blogpost I posted a turorial for the pattern FANTASY (below). Lots of people liked it but also wrote that they thought it was too comlex for them.


Today’s new tutorial of the pattern GREEK is based on the same principle but with less flourishes like curls and feathers. You could try this one first and then work your way up to the more decorated FANTASY.

I have called this pattern GREEK as it looked like a wrought iron fence in Greece I saw in a picture once. Instead of the curls you can add feathers too of course, or whatever strikes your fancy!

The pattern is stitched out on a 2 inch grid using 4 inch pre-drawn circles.


This next pattern and tutorial are inspired by these glass paperweights.


(source picture Wikipedia)

The little flowers and bubbles are so pretty!


This sample was also stitched in a 2 inch grid with predrawn 4 inch circles.


On Facebook and Instagram I am frequently asked where I get my ideas from for these patterns. Well, some patterns I try out because I love what someone else has done before. Looking at quilts isn’t really punishment, right?

Secondly I look at pictures and drawings on Pinterest. Sometimes I get great ideas from zentangle drawings. But, most of my ideas I come up with myself. I can’t promis that I am 100% correct in that statement as I don’t know what has stuck in my brain after admiring quilts for 5 years. Wherever possible I will mention the source of my inspiration.

This next sample was inspired by a zentangle drawing (link Pinterest). The zentangle drawing is called ‘Frame Over’ and is created by Texasdoxiemama. I used a 2 inch grid and 2 inch circles to pre-draw the outline of each echoed shape. Each 2×2 inch square has 2 half circles in it. I only drew the online and filled the rest freehand.


The first two samples in this blogpost were not densely quilted, but to keep this post balanced I will add just one more densely quilted pattern. 😉

This new design is stitched out in an 1 inch grid.


You might have guessed that this design is also inspired by an zentangle drawing. The drawing is called ‘All Boxed up’ and is designed by Alice Hendon (link Pinterest). I actually like the drawing better that the stitched out pattern as the cool “triangular effect” is missing from the sample. Maybe I should stitch in some more lines…. yes… MORE!

Which pictures inspire you for creating freemotion patterns?




8 thoughts on “FMQ samples – part 14 – more ORANGE PEEL variations & TUTORIALS

  1. Just love, love, love the pattern “Frame Over”. You can let your eyes feast on the motion in it and let your imagination breeze away.. . What is the french expression for “fools the eye” again?

    • Yes, Kate is right. In Dutch this 3D illusional effect is also called “bedriegertje”. But that term applies to paintings that fool the eye into believing that there actually is an real object like a notice board or a cabinet with curiosities while there is just a very skillfully executed piece of 2D art.

  2. Esther, I love that Frame Over-based design because the shapes I see in it remind me of frangipani blossoms, the way the base of each petal overlaps the next. It’s a beauty!

    • Hello Kate,
      It really does have an 3D effect, right? I adore it too. It was very dense and it took a while to stitch. I will reserve this pattern for special projects.

      • I can see that it would be very labour intensive, but it would work well in small areas that need dense stitching, surrounded by more open designs…

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