FMQ samples – part 15 – dense fillers

It feels like summer has arrived! The weather is getting warmer and warmer. The national exams of our senior high school students have passed and the grading has begun. While the seniors are waiting for the results to know if they have passed or not, the other students are still going to regular classes. Our school year doesn’t end till the middle of July… some weeks to go still!

This post marks the halfway point in my 100 Days Challenge. By now I have posted over 50 FMQ patterns of the 100 I set out to do.  As I have also been putting other quilts together, I have no tutorial in this blogpost, but there will be one in the next of this series.

All the samples are quilted on an 1 inch grid with pre-marked circle contours where necessary. All designs are my own.

Pattern CLAMSHELL LOVE. I used a small hart template too for this orange clamshell variation.


The next sample is based on a drawing I did in January.




Pattern WIND; windmills twirling or those children’s windmill toys made from colored paper or plastic… or maybe just a flower.


Pattern BANANA… I just see a bunch of bananas having a party!


Pattern FAN DANCE could also be bow ties or even pasta!


See you soon everybody!




10 thoughts on “FMQ samples – part 15 – dense fillers

    • Hello Suzy!
      How wonderful is that! I would love to see your versions of the patterns. Please don’t be too afraid to try them out. I always think of these samples as a school notebook. When we first learned to write we practiced in our notebooks. Even if you try patterns out on a fabric instead of paper, it is like that practice. Fabric is not “wasted” when you use it for learning!
      Good luck and a lot of fun learning!

  1. Esther, those are gorgeous! I’m really interested in seeing the order for the clamshell hearts, though the one I’m most likely to be able to do is the bananas. LOL

    • The clamshell arcs and the hearts were pre-marked.
      Start at the left. Stitch the first half of the clamshell-bottom. When you are the middle of the clamshell you start the left feather. When finished, stitch back down to the middle of the clamshell. Now start the right feather and stitch back down. Now start the new clamshell. It is actually pretty easy. Just don’t make the clamshell too small as you feathers will be tiny and difficult!
      Good luck!

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