Hot Green quilt top FINISHED!!!

Yes, yes, yes! I did it!!!

Even though you have not seen much of this quilt and its construction here on the blog, it has been an epic journey!

I have participated in two F2F swaps where an international group op quilters created 12 inch blocks for each other in a specific color scheme. We used pictures as the base of that color scheme.


This January I received my gorgeous blocks. What a joy was it to unwrap all the envelopes!

( All the blocks from these two swaps are depicted in this gallery that the swap organizers put together. Some of our group have already finished their quilt as you can see in the gallery. )

Right after my move I dug out all of the blocks… It took a while to gather all the blocks from the various moving boxes, so the picture underneath only shows part of the blocks.


I put two blocks together myself to add to the bunch and then waited for inspiration…

33336408200_54f0545eaa_z_d  33564494202_9d6c559e8e_z_d

Flying geese sashings???


Flying geese borders???


I was unsure!

Finally, I came up with this idea of the geese as part of a wider border around a set of blocks in the centre.


I felt like I needed corner stones for the geese border.


( These 4 corner stones actually look fabulous together… maybe as one block?! )


Instead of the corner stones, I actually used them as the centre of the flying geese border.

Now the geese become smaller and smaller and they kind of merge into each other.



Between the centre blocks and the geese border, I put a low volume border so I would have some room to play with while doing Freemotion Quilting (FMQ) later.


I created a new set of corner stones of the flying geese border: STARS!

These stars also function a bit like sashings as they move into the sides of the quilt. It will become clear with the picture of the entire quilt, I promise!


Not all the blocks I received have a white background. I selected the four darkest blocks and put them in the middle of the outside edges of the quilt. From those 4 darkest the other blocks were ordered; from dark to light.

I added a border/sashing around those that also went from dark to light also. It created an ombre effect!


Can you see that I have used a variety of grey fabrics?


Between the individueal blocks on the outside I have put a grey strip that would help the ombre effect from one block to the other, just like a color shift. This way there would not be too much contrast between the blocks and the blocks would “flow” into each other.


I adore the ombre effect !






Two full days of work!

But it is finished!!!

I have kept one block behind. I will put all of our names on it and it will function as a label on the back of this quilt. The quilt top is now almost 2 by 2 meters.

Thank you very much you lovely F2F girls!!! This quilt will be a wall hanging in my new house. Just need to quilt it first!

EDIT: You can now vote for the best quilts, mini’s and tops in the Pantone 2017 Quilt Challenge. Go to No Hats in the House to cast your vote, please. Select the ones you like best by clicking on the hearts in the corner of each picture. You can select 1 quilt per category.



p.s. I have linked up with NO HATS IN THE HOUSE for the 2017 Pantone Quilt Challenge.  I am participated in the “Just the top” category.

I have also linked up with Linky Tuesday at Freemotion by the River, Midweek Makers at Quilt Fabrication and Let’s Bee Social at Sew Fresh Quilts!

34 thoughts on “Hot Green quilt top FINISHED!!!

  1. It’s epic! The most beautiful finished result, and your ombre, flying geese and cornerstones add the finishing touches. A fabulous quilt, and many congratulations on the speedy finish.

    • Thank you very much Kate,
      this is actually the first finished quilt in ages except for baby quilts. I am really proud of this collaboration of the F2F group. I am extremely happy with the quilt top so far. I have actually not taken it down yet from the attic rafters, ha ha. I keep looking at it, ha ha!

    • Thank you very much for your lovely comment! I had been wrecking my brain on how to get a balanced lay out, but it turned out better than I had hoped!
      Have a lovely Sunday.

  2. Wow .. awesome. Your creativity knows no borders .. pun intended. It is a beautiful piece of collective art and I hope it will remind you of the joys of your new home for years to come.

    • I am so happy with this quilt!!! It doesn’t look anything like I thought it would… it is so much better!!! This quilt is a symbol of friendship and quilting for me. It will hang in the best spot in the house.

  3. Esther, this is awesome !
    I love how you worked to pull it all together, balancing the colours and patterns. Truly inspiring, thank you for sharing it, Elizabeth

    • Oh Elisabeth! What a lovely comment!!! Thank you very much!
      It felt like a big puzzle and I wanted to take my time developing the idea with the ombre borders. I normally tend to jump head first into a project without much planning. I have totally changed my plan of attack with this quilt… and I love it!!! I will plan my quilts more carefully in the future. They turn out better if I do.
      Have a lovely week,

    • Thank you very much Rosa!
      It was a bit frightening selecting such an unusual color combination. Some quilters must have thought I was a little nuts. BUT… It turned out beautiful!!!
      Bye bye

  4. Wow, I would never have thought of all that! You want to put my blocks together, too? LOL That is magnificent, Esther!

    • Ha ha, I don’t know if I will take on another large quilt like this soon… even if it is one of mine! Thank you for the lovely and funny comment.

  5. The colors and blocks are beautiful. Thanks for stepping us through the flying geese layout – I think it works well as an inner border. Well done!

    • You are very welcome. Those blocks and pieces were on my floor long enough to be worth of a piece of text in the blog post, ha ha! I think Ichanged my mind at least 20 times…
      Thank you for your nice comment!

  6. Well thought out! I love it! Thank for sharing what can happen when one gets creative, as opposed to being in a hurry, and slapping a top together.

    • Oh thank you Laura!!!
      I so agree with “not slapping it together” because I wanted this quilt to be a symbol of friendship in my new house. It deserved the care and attention.
      Have a lovely day,

  7. What a lovely lot of blocks you got back. Your setting is superb. Can’t wait to see it quilted.

    • HelloLinda!
      Thank you for your kind words. I am very happy with the setting and I don’t think that it could have turned out better. The block are all so gorgeous and the fabrics go so well together it feels like a miracle, almost.
      Bye bye

    • Hello Lynda,
      Sometimes seeing someone else try something, will trigger your own original idea. We all inspire each other. That is the joy of quilting and the online community!
      Have a lovely day.

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  9. Wowza! I love these blocks, and how you created this quilt is fantastic! What you did with the flying geese is really neat. (I’ve bookmarked for future inspiration)

    • Hello again Susan!
      When I started with this project and passed on my color selection, I got quite a few raised eyebrows. It is a bit of an unusual color combination, but I am so happy that I stuck to it.
      I am in love with this quilt top.

  10. I just loved reading this post. I like to hear a quilter talk about their choices and I learn so much. Your choices are truly inspired…what an eye you have for colour and blocks. This quilt is a gem. I’m heading over to vote.

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