FMQ samples – part 16 – TUTORIALS

After finishing the Hot Green quilt top last weekend, I am happy to return to the 100 Days Project with my Free Motion Quilting patterns. This post starts the second half of the 100 patterns. BUT FIRST…


BUT FIRST, I have to ask you to go over the No Hats in the House to cast your vote for the Pantone 2017 Quilt Challenge. There are three categories: “Quilts”, “Mini’s” and “Just the top”. Please select the ones you like best by clicking on the hearts in the corner of each picture. You can select 1 quilt per category. Go and drool over all the pretty quilts! As you know, I have decided to participate too in the “Just the Top” category.  Yesterday’s deadline was a great incentive to get it finished! I had great fun working on it and I should participate in challenges with specific deadline more often.

Well, the challenge I like to finish first is the 100 Days Project! Half way, ladies. Half way!!!

My post today contains two tutorials.

All patterns were stitched on an 1 inch grid.  You can still see the white pencil lines of the pre-marked grid in the photographs. I am using the Sewline ceramic pencil and I am impressed with it so far on this black fabric. I know the fabric looks like dark grey in the pictures, but it is absolutely black. It just won’t photograph right. Both my fancy camera and the cameraphone give me the same result. Tips, anybody???





Pattern EVENING STAR. This pattern would look great on octagons (with the little star on the inside) and even hexagons (Two halves of a star form a hexagon; a ” bottom” and a ” top” ). Refer to the TUTORIAL below for the correct stitch path.



Pattern orange peel PENDANT. Just a little change to the classic orange peel pattern makes it so much more interesting. One orange peel element is replaced with a diamond. Consider adding a little extra echo shape on the inside of the diamond. Check out the TUTORIAL below.



Pattern SPIKEY BLOOM. Stitched on an 1 inch grid, the full flower measures 4 inches. On a domestic machine this is my maximum size, as I can’t see the marks anymore while stitching. The machine itself obscures the marks; you just can’t see where you are going.


Please don’t forget to vote for the Pantone Quilt Challenge!!!

Have a lovely week!


p.s. I have linked up with Linky Tuesday at Freemotion by the River and Midweek Makers at Quilt Fabrication. And of course also with Let’s Bee Social at Sew Fresh Quilts!


6 thoughts on “FMQ samples – part 16 – TUTORIALS

  1. I voted! And I like the Green Mill version best of these designs, although the Spiky Bloom is wonderful too. I’m so glad the ceramic pencil is working for you, I don’t know what I’d do without mine. I use it for marking appliqué pieces I need to cut out of dark fabrics too.

  2. Hi Esther,
    I am loving your tutorial on how to quilt these patterns. I just love Green Mill, and have just been contemplating buying the ceramic pencil. I am glad to see you like it, but wonder what you use on lighter or white fabric for marking? Roseanne

    • Hello Roseanne!
      I have tried the white pencil leads on a light blue fabric, but that didn’t work so well. I have succesfully used the white pencil on black and red fabric. On lighter fabric I have been using the purple air erasable pens. You do have to finish your work quickly as the lines are only visible for a day or so.
      Bye bye!

    • Hi, you can also get pale pink leads for the ceramic pencil for lighter and white fabrics. You can just swap them around, and it works pretty well. Kate

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