FMQ samples – part 17 – TUTORIALS

What a lovely weekend it has been! Spending time with the people you love, doing the things we love.

And too boot extra time to sew! Can’t beat that, right? So let’s start this blog post with the two tutorials!!!

Pattern DANDELION. The golden thread made me think of the dandelion flower. 34956931266_e856ec0c3f_z_d

Stitched on an 1 inch grid. Besides each diagonal you add two slender leaves and move on to the next diagonal.



Pattern PARIS. An elegant pattern which resembles the French pattern Fleur de Lil. Stitched on an 1 inch grid.

711px-meuble_hc3a9raldique_fleur_de_lys-svg (source picture wikipedia)


The stitch path for this PARIS pattern consists of two elements, a “hop-hop-up” and a loop. The loop and the “up” line up vertically. The pattern interlocks, meaning that each row moves over one grid element.



Pattern CLOVER. Stitched on a 1 inch grid with each clover a total of 4 inches.34956931856_3ed3b93b33_z_d


Pattern ACCENT: Stitched on a 1 inch grid. The flower-shapes are 4 inches each. I would love to see what this pattern looks like repeated on a quilt. I like the unevenness in each loop element combined with the consistency where the points all meet up. Like mini flower explosions!



To end this gorgeous weekend, a lovely party pattern from the 1920’s!

Pattern TWENTIES. stitched on an 1 inch grid.





12 thoughts on “FMQ samples – part 17 – TUTORIALS

  1. Esther,

    Just wanted you to know, I just recently found your blog and what drew me to it is the way you break everything down in a grid. It makes the complicated look not complicated. Thanks

    • Hello Carol,
      Exactly! The patterns are not that complicated as they look. If we have a grid we have something to guide us through the pattern. Many have found it helpful in learning Freemotion Quilting.
      Have a lovely day and thank you for your lovely comment.

  2. Some wonderful designs, and I do appreciate the explanations of how to do a couple of them. My mind doesn’t work this way, so I need all the help I can get. =)

        • Hello Carol!
          There is no book at the moment. I will be creating some kind of downloadable document or and actual book in the near future. What elements would like to see in such a document?
          Kind regards,

          • i feel greedy saying this but everything!
            i get lost at times with which way to go next as times so it really helps to see them all drawn out. i am one of those visual people.

  3. Very impressive tutorial. What grabbed me was the clover pattern because I saw four hearts in each. They are all beautiful and appreciated.

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