FMQ samples – part 18 TUTORIAL

This week’s tutorial is based on a zentangle drawing tutorial I found on Pinterest. The specific drawing pattern is called Clem and is designed by Erika Bonham Kehlet and can be found on the Pattern Collection website. I am in love with this flower!


Stitched on an 1 inch grid; the flower totals 2 inches.



At my last visit to my local quilt shop I found this awesome NEON thread. I like my bright colors for stitching, but neon??? I wasn’t sure… but BOY OH BOY… it is stunning on black fabric! I think it is my new favorite thread. It is a polyester thread made by Madeira and it is called Polyneon. My domestic machine Janome 8900 really likes it and I know that is works perfectly on a longarm too. And best of all? It is very reasonably priced!!!

Print (source picture, non-affiliated)

The photo of the sample really doesn’t do it justice. It is BRIGHT!!! My camera is compensating for the bright color and the picture now looks washed out. Just trust me, it is NEON!

Pattern NEON. Stitched on an 1 inch grid. The geometric flower/star is 2 inches in total.


In the next picture you can get a better feel of the neon brightness!



Pattern DRIP: water droplets dripping down the curve of the circle…. Stitched on an 1 inch grid, with a pre-marked 2 inch circle.



Pattern HOLD ON: like fingers of many hands holding on to each other.  Stitched on an 1 inch grid, with a pre-marked 2 inch circle in an orange peel grid. Only the outer circle of the orange peel was actually stitched but the inside of the peels functioned as a guide for the feather shapes.



The next 3 patterns are based on a new grid: equilateral triangles! I found a grid template by The Stencil Co. at the quilt show in France in September. It is actually called the hexie grid 1″ (9″ x 8″ ). (link to website, non-affiliated)


It does take a long time to transfer the lines to the my quilt sandwich as the plastic template is way smaller that the fabric. But as the pattern lines are close together, I will be able to get more designs on one quilt sandwich.

I will start using the lines and triangles as a base for patterns and I will also move into more hexie-based designs in the future.


Pattern SCENIC ROUTE. I left out the horizontal lines and only followed the angled lines. Add a loop left, add a loop right and continue!34306180303_7ce58caa76_z_d


Pattern SASHIKO PEEL. A classic and beautiful sashiko design that resembles the orange peel pattern. Work along the line with a curvy stitch-line; curve up, curve down, curve up, curve down. Work your way back along the same line and hop over to the next line at the end.



Pattern FRACTION. Divide a triangle in half and divide each half one more time. Travel along the edges from triangle to triangle. I preferred working in rows.


I have noticed on social media that most of the schools in the USA have already closed for summer. I am happy for all you fellow teachers and I hope you will enjoy your well deserved summer vacation!

Our schools close in the middle of July, so we still need to go on for a couple of weeks. These last few weeks are always quite tiring, but I have found that working on this 100 Days Project with the FMQ patterns has helped me feel energized… just not these last two days as my hay fever has kicked in… ahchoo… ahchoo… ahchoo!



p.s. I am linking up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict for Can I get a Whoop Whoop?!


12 thoughts on “FMQ samples – part 18 TUTORIAL

  1. Every one of your designs is so impressive, Esther! I’m following along with avid interest. Personally though, I just don’t know where on a quilt I might use such designs. Maybe at 1″ they’re a little dense for practical use, but perhaps on a larger grid, like 2-1/2″-3″, one might be just what a quilt needs. In any case, they’re thoroughly lovely, and it’s great that they’re such excellent motivation for you! You’re making an outstanding effort with this 100 days project!

    • Goodafternoon!
      Yes, some patterns are a bit difficult to “place” on a quilt. I guess they would work in a negative space or as a border design. And of course small projects like pillows and bags with a solid fabric. I will have to think about how to use the patterns in a project. There will come a time when I have 100 designs and I then would like to apply them to an actual quilt.

  2. Wow! These designs are epic, yet your steps make them feel manageable! I’m tempted to try some of them, at least on a small project at first! 🙂 Beautiful and thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you very much for your kind words. I am still having fun with the patterns. Today I was able to stitch out the next batch. I don’t think tere will be a problem getting to 100, ha ha!

  3. Oh, it’s really hard to pick a favourite this time, as I really like them all! That neon thread is certainly very bright, what a great contrast with the black background – it really makes the designs pop!

    • Hello Kate,
      The neon is absolutely unmissable! You can spot it from across the room 😉
      For the pictures of these designs I think it works well as the contrast is high enough to see the designs. Don’t know if I would ever use it on an actual quilt, but for these samplers and practice pieces it is fine.

  4. The first patterns make the think of stars at night and the later ones make me think of plants. The whole group could be called “Stars and flora”. There is something mystical about the neon colors; definitely more three dimensional.

  5. You definitely get a whoop whoop from me! This is another great batch of designs. I like the triangle grid and what you’ve done with it.

    • Hello again!
      I will have to play with the grid a bit more. Maybe I should make it a bit larger ads the small triangles don’t give a lot of room to play with.

  6. Hello Esther,

    I love all the filler designs, especially scenic route, but I’m not sure I could resist the temptation to go off on a wander.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv

    • Thank you very much Lizzie for your kind words! I am having a lot of fun and I am amazed how long I have been able to stick to this project. Who knows where this will lead me.
      Bye bye

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