FMQ samples – part 19

This pattern must be my new favorite…

Pattern WARPSPEED. Stitched on an 1 inch grid with a pre-marked 2 inch orange peel.



Pattern TUMBLE; leaves tumbling through the air on their way down to earth. Stitched on an 1 inch grid with pre-marked 2 inch orange peels.



Pattern CROSS STAR. Stitched on an 1 inch grid.



Pattern GARLAND. Stitched on an 1 inch grid . Stitch a complete flower and travel horizontally to the next flower. Add loops to your travel line; a curved line looks best.35051563691_1af22c7330_z_d

And yes… I used a NEON thread again…



Pattern SEVENTIES. I stitched this on a triangular grid, but it could just as well restitched on a square grid. A square grid will probably be quicker to pre-mark.



Pattern ATOMIC: Stitch one complete “explosion” and travel horizontally towards the core of the next “explosion”. Stitched on an 1 inch hexie grid.35181869305_0eb95a6939_z_d

And to prove to you all for once and for all…. I am using bright colors to stitch and also a neon in yellow and pink!



Pattern SEEDS. Stitched on an 1 inch hexie grid.35181867765_5977441e30_z_d

Above pattern is based on the same elements as the TWIST pattern that I showed you in a square grid.


In the picture below you can clearly see the triangles of the hexie grid. You may want to pre-mark the shapes as you might get confused by the triangles. The SEEDS triangles are each other’s mirror image.



Pattern BUSY BEE: The plants in my garden attract many insects, amongst others of course lots of bees. They are flying all over the place. The blue patterns is based on their flight path. Stitched on an 1 inch grid.35181868495_51fe7a52ae_z_d

Have a lovely weekend!


p.s. linking up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict for ‘Can I get a Whoop Whoop?’ and ‘Finish it up Friday‘ over at Crazy Mom Quilts.


15 thoughts on “FMQ samples – part 19

    • Still having fun!!!
      We are almost at 75% of the challenge and I am contemplating on continuing with some border designs. Maybe not a new one every day, though…

      • Borders would be great! I have a quilt coming up that needs machine border quilting after I’ve hand quilted the centre. Hopefully you’ll give me some inspiration!

  1. My favorite is also Tumble – so clean and neat – but Garland would be my second favorite. I love seeing what you do, and once in a while there’s one I think I might be able to do, if I practiced about a year on it. =) You are excellent at this. I wish I could actually watch you stitch for about a day.

  2. Cannot but be impressed with your spring fever .. flowers, insects, flight patterns. It is obvious you are enjoying your garden. Nature never stops impressing us. Be proud of your creativity.

    • Ha ha, Spring fever… that is right word! I have been sneezing, sneezing and sneezing some more with all the pollen and “stuff” in the air. Luckily this week it all seems to have calmed down. Hope it stays that way.
      I will stop typing in a minute and go into the garden to water the plants….. it is blistering hot this week! Feels like your place, ha ha!

    • Hello Sharon,
      I don’t have a lesson on marking. I just draw line on the fabric, that is really it! I have tried different marking tools, but I keep coming back to the SewLine ceramic pencil for the darker fabrics. I use the water soluble blue pens on light fabrics.
      have a lovely day,

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