FMQ samples – part 20

The 100 Days project is now officially at the three-quarters mark. I really never imagined to be able to reach 100 different patterns and more than a few tutorials to go with them. There are still 23 patterns left in the set of 100! That is a little over 3 weeks of patterns left…

Number 77 – Pattern CLAM LOVE: squishy hearts in a clamshell. As you can see in the photo, I marked the grids and the curves, but not the organic hearts.  I would stitch this pattern with the thread color matching the fabric. I personally don’t really like how the regular clamshell-bottom grid mixes with the free flowing hearts. BUT, the texture of the pattern is great. Conclusion: this pattern looks better in real life, but match the thread color!


Some patterns you just want to stand out. The texture is not the most important with this type of pattern when the lines of the quilting become a design element.

Number 78 – Pattern CLAM TRIO: inspired by a ginko leaf without it being a literal copy of this beautiful creation of mother nature.


Another clamshell variation is this next one.

Number 79 – Pattern INDIA. I was going to call this pattern CLOUD but later I found a gorgeous picture on Pinterest of a mural (?) that was strikingly similar.  The picture was labeled ‘India’, so that is what I used as a name for this quilting pattern.


Number 80 – Pattern ZINNIA. I loved creating this next one! I have named it after a gorgeous flower with 8 petals. Each flower consists of 4 squares. Each square is divided in half diagonally. I also marked a circle for each flower. Stay within the grid lines for each petal. Move horizontally from flower to flower. This pattern would also work perfectly as a border design!


Sometimes, after stitching organic shapes for a while, you like to do something a bit more angular.

Number 81 – Pattern TURNOVER. I see pages of a book waiting to be turned over… or  now that I am a bit hungry for something sweet, an apple turnover. In Dutch we call an apple turnover an ‘appelflap’, but that would have been a difficult name for the non-Duchies to remember, right? It would also sound a bit funny with an English accent, ha ha!


(source picture)

If you truly want to pronounce ‘appelflap’ correctly, you need to pronounce the ‘a’ differently than in English. Do you know the song “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees? The sound of the first three ‘a’s’ in the lyrics ‘A, a, a, staying alive…’ comes very close! The ‘a’ sound is short and is created in the back of the mouth with very relaxed cheeks. You can also go to this to this YouTube video for an authentic experience, ha ha!

Okay, that is enough for tonight’s language class!


One more clamshell variation to go… Turned upside down! The ‘turnover’ of the previous patterns helped me come up with the following idea. I turned the upside down clamshell into a leaf. It looks a bit like a passiflora leaf to me.

Number 82: Pattern PASSIFLORA: all the traveling between the shapes is on the bottom of the shape. There will be thread build-up!


To finish this week’s set of 7 patterns, here is another flower for you!

Number 83: Pattern DOGWOOD IN A ROW. Like dogwood could ever tamed to grow in a row, ha ha!

Each flower consists of 4 soft heart shapes. Within each finished heart you put a pointy shape that mimics the negative space that is created between each leaf. It looks like you added 8 details in the centre, but you actually did only 4. The first 4 are already there because of where the soft hearts touch!35085108640_bd0746776c_z_d

Love and hugs to you all.



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13 thoughts on “FMQ samples – part 20

  1. I can’t thank you enough for all your inspiring designs! It’s given me incentive to move out of my comfort zone and allow myself to play.

  2. I love the Ginkgo one best, it has the Art Deco look that I love. Next time, you must teach everyone to pronounce oliebollen and poffertjes, then they will have a full repertoire of sweet treats to ask for when they visit the Netherlands!

    • Ha ha, instead of quilting, we should do a Dutch cooking and language class. I would love to get in the kitchen with you and learn all your GF recipes. They always sound so delicious.

      • It’s certainly true that the Husband has no complaints! My mother was a good teacher, and learned to make the most of whatever was available. She was in the Netherlands in the Hongerwinter with 4 small children…

  3. these are great, I have been following along and drawing out many of them on graph paper. I have learned a lot! thank you for doing all of these and sharing them,

    • Hello Michelle.
      Oh my, that is just super cool! I am so happy that the patterns and tutorials actually inspire others to try them too.
      Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Clam trio and dogwood are my favorites. I see Art Nouveau in the clam trio design and the dogwood pattern looks very stately. Have seen many beautiful dogwood trees in the southern U.S.; they invoke memories of hospitality and mint julips. Appelflap, oliebollen, poffertjes en mokka taart!

    • Mmmmmm Mokkataart! How did you know that I would love a piece? 😉
      I can imagine me sitting under the dogwood trees, with a cool refreshing drink… and the Mokkataart, ha ha!!!

  5. I popped over from My Quilt Infatuation and you have a new follower!! As a LA quilter, I am always looking for new quilting patterns and I love the ones you come up with!

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