FMQ samples – part 21

The countdown to Summer vacation is on; just two more weeks of school!

14 Days until Summer and 16 patterns left on my set of 100 patterns.

3…2…1… let’s get to it!

Number 84: pattern CLAM ECHO. Based on the classic clamshell design. The inside of each clamshell is echoed in an spiral toward the centre. Work your way out on the bottom.


The concept of the above pattern is the same as this next one from the beginning of my series (link).



Number 85: pattern PENINSULA. Like number 84, this pattern is also a clamshell variation. Starting at the side of the clamshell, echo inwards and work your way out on the bottom. There will be thread build-up.



Number 86: pattern DIAMANTE. Based on the 1 inch hexie grid. Instead of drawing all the triangles I used the stencil to mark the diamond shapes. Inside each diamond I drew two sets of triangles. This pattern reminds me of lots of glittery diamante beads on a piece of fabric.


This is that stencil by Dorie Hruska that I used for marking my diamonds (link to website, non-affiliated).



number 87: pattern FLAPPER DRESS. This pattern is based on the diamond shapes as number 86 is. You can place all kind of flourishes on the inside of each diamond. I intentionally made the flourishes a bit angular. Can you imagine this pattern on a gorgeous 1930’s Flapper dress, which is also smothered in sequens and stunning embroidery?



Number 88: HEXIE HEARTS. Again, I used the same hexie stencil, but here you can clearly see the hexie grid. The Hexie Heart pattern was a bit confusing to stitch, as I somehow inverted the direction of the hearts inside the hexies. In one column they go left, and in the next column they go right. I had to stop on more than one occasion to check what I was doing and even mark my fabric so I wouldn’t make any (more) mistakes.



Number 89: pattern ORANGE PEEL LEAVES. Back to the good old orange peel! The classic peel pattern is so incredibly versatile. Add a little leaf echo and it turns into this sweet pattern.



Number 90: pattern ZIGGY. Can you spot that I have also used the orange peel pattern as the base of this design? You zig-zag the peel and you end up with the stardust pattern…. Ziggy Stardust.. get it?



Number 91: HOLY BATMAN. Yes…this is also based on the orange peel pattern… REALLY! Can you figure it out? The pattern shapes look like the Batman logo, so I am naming this pattern after the superhero.34805437673_f73027ba77_z_d


Okay, you quilters…

Only 9 patterns left to do!

Do you have any requests for a pattern?

Geometric, floral, dense, loose, modern or lots of feathers … whatever?!

I haven’t created the last 9 patterns yet, so I can dedicate them to you! If you have a fabulous idea, I could even name the pattern after you.

What do you think?






8 thoughts on “FMQ samples – part 21

  1. Can we see something based on a wave repeat? Always such a beautiful organic shape… These are fabulous, I particularly love the clamshell variations.

  2. You just keep knocking my socks off, Esther! I can’t even think of anything you haven’t already tried… though knowing you, you’ll come up with more ideas! You’re so creative. I’m reeling over all the new designs I need to try!

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