FMQ samples – part 22 – it’s a WRAP!!

Can you believe it? This is the last official post on the 100 FMQ patterns.


We made it to 100 different patterns based on a square grid, orange peel, clamshell and a triangular/hexie grid. YAY!

I am so glad I partook in this challenge and also kept going when things got a bit difficult time wise. The project has brought me much joy and it has also created the opportunity to meet new quilters especially on Facebook in the Free motion Quilting Frenzy group.

You may be aware that I actually didn’t stitch a pattern each day. I did them in bursts, mostly in the weekend. But I did draw and doodle and sketch on piles of paper during the week. Most of the tutorials of the FMQ patterns I created as we went along. Because the school year is almost at the end… just one more week to go… I simply ran out of time to keep going with the tutorials. I have a great idea on how to get some more tutorials out… just give me a bit of time to get it all organized. 🙂

So… drumroll please…

Here are the last of the 100 patterns!


Number 92: pattern CHOP.

This one is for Kate who requested a pattern with a wave. It is stitched on a small grid, but would still look very cool on a larger grid.



Number 93: pattern SURF.

Here is another one for Kate, the waves are collapsing on itself in the surf. Actually if you turn the pattern 90 degrees you will see it also resembles an Art Deco design. I actually stitched this out ‘the hard way’ but it should be pretty straight forward of you follow the horizontal spine and add the flourishes on the top and bottom.



Number 94: pattern FEATHER ARCHES.

Not all ideas work out well… the feathers along a horizontal spine just all bunch up (on the left in the sample). It is better to create ‘negative space’ by leaving things unquilted, your pattern will look much better. I did pre-mark the outer curve of the set of feathers with a semi-circle (on the right in the sample).



Number 95: pattern STAR DROP. Based on an 1 inch grid. The sample you see here is 6×6 inches. I did need to travel over the lines a bit to get to the next shape-set.



Number 96: pattern HEART STRING. This sample is 4×5 inches. One row of this design would work great as a border or in a sashing.



Number 97: pattern REANNE. This pattern was inspired by pictures on the Reanne Lily Designs blog. The owner of this blog, Jen Eskridge, describes her new book on freemotion clamshell variations called ‘The Quilted Clamshell’.  (link, unaffiliated) Wow, a whole book on clamshells quilting ideas! As I said, my pattern is inspired by her tutorial so I named the pattern after her blog.



Number 98: pattern MAPLE. Based on an orange peel pattern. The shape resembles a maple leaf a bit, right?



Number 99: pattern CANDIED CITRUS PEEL. Based on an orange peel grid. Move in rows. Stitch one side of the curve of a peel and move back to your starting point along the centre line of that peel. Now add a curl on the inside and travel back. Place that curl on the pre-marked orange peel line. Now stitch along the middle of the half peel so you can get to the start of the next peel. You don’t stitch the whole circle, but you work in semicircles in rows.



Number 100: pattern BURST. Inspires by fireworks and bursts of quilting joy! Clamshell variation.


100 patterns…. 100 moments of joy!





26 thoughts on “FMQ samples – part 22 – it’s a WRAP!!

  1. Well done! And thank for the two lovely wave patterns, both very different, but both wonderful. It’s been a fascinating series to follow, but now you deserve a rest, both from quilting designs and from teaching!

    • Hi Kate,
      Oh boy do I need a rest…. The weather is heating up, and we only have to work one more week. I do intend to work a bit longer for a few more days, just to make sure I have things ready for the new school year. But, I am already planning plenty of quilting time. Maybe just sewing some scrappy blocks together. A bit of mindless sewing sounds good to me.

  2. Great! Trust me to come in at the end! I hope the rest of the designs are still up. I’m now going to look for them; this is too good to miss!

  3. Every one a beautiful design. That was quite a project! I like the Reanne and the fireworks best. I like the way the places where the thread bunches up look like glows of light. Thanks for sharing all these great designs.

  4. Love love love #97! For some reason it looks a bit like fireworks. Congratulations …. that is definitely an achievement….and a discipline. Well done, Friend………

  5. These are wonderful. I wish they could be put together in an easily downloadable format for reference. Thank you for all your creativity and for sharing it with us.

    • Thank you very much Patti for your kind words. I am working on a book about these patterns. I am still figuring out how to set up a book as I do want my book to be different than the ones already out there. I have the summer to outline the book.
      Have a lovely day,

  6. What you’ve done is pretty amazing, Esther! What a commitment! And what a wonderful portfolio of designs you now have. They’re great for you to use in the future, and for us too. Thank you so very much! I hope you have opportunities to teach these quilting designs in classes. You have so much valuable knowledge and skill to share with other quilters.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment. I feel that I need to explore these patterns some more. Maybe add a set of blogposts on how to use them in a quilt.
      I will also create a class about these patterns. I already teach three different free motion classes, but this a very nice addition.
      Thank you for spurring me on!

  7. WaHoo. A wonderful success. I have really enjoyed seeing all your designs via Instagram. They are all so creative and well done. Your work has been quite inspirational. FMQ is not my quilting happy place but one of these days I’ll give it a more serious attempt.

  8. Thank you for this series! What wonderful designs you have shared and so inspirational. I keep referring back to your posts in this series. Good luck on the book, I’ll be waiting for news on its publication!

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