Charity quilts 2018 – part 1 – Gold, diamonds and orange peels.

Doesn’t that just sound like a description of a luxury fragrance or scented candle for the the holiday season?

The title actually refers to a quilt top that I was entrusted with to quilt for a local charity. In November I was able to put the top on the longarm. It is a gorgeous golden mustard color background filled with a lattice work of scrappy diamonds. The negative space of his pattern screamed orange peels to me. Of all the quilts that I was also given to quilt, I knew this one needed custom ruler work and not an all-over pattern like an edge-to-edge. It took me many hours to finish this quilt but I am very very very happy with the result!


The quilt top was completely hand pieced!


Someone has spent hours cutting out tiny little pieces of fabric for this pattern. The pencil lines were still visible.


And the border was attached with, what I have heard called , a ” sew and wack” technique… very wavy borders are the result. As a newbie on my longarm this was a real challenge!

You can see that I “floated the top” as I wanted to control the wonkiness of the quilt. Floating means that the top is not attached to any of the bars and it just lies on top of the batting. This way you can give a little tug on the top as you need it.


I found a thread path for this quilting pattern that worked for me. I first stitched half of the orange peel. Secondly I traveled to the small square in the centre of the scrappy diamonds. I traveled along the top half of the little square to two of the diamonds. I went around those diamonds and continued on the horizontal path starting with half of the orange peels. On the way back I finished the second half orange peels and did the bottom part of the little square and the two remaining diamonds.


I used a ruler to stitch-in-the-ditch but the diamonds were not really straight… so I went ‘of course’ a few times.


But the overall effect was luscious!


I must admit, I had a hard time accepting that this quilt wouldn’t be mine… ha ha!




The border was kept simple as the fabric was busy.



In a Facebook group for longarmers, many have raved about the magic powers of a piano key border on wavy borders. So I listened to the professionals and you know what? It worked!!!


Just a few little tucks but no real folds in the fabric!


I hope this quilt will make somebody really happy!

Hugs to you all,


25 thoughts on “Charity quilts 2018 – part 1 – Gold, diamonds and orange peels.

  1. The quilting in the mustard yellow gold background fabric really stand out and the overall effect reminds me of Cathedral Windows.

  2. You’re right, luscious is exactly the right word. You’ve done a wonderful job with a challenging quilt, and someone will be so happy to be its new owner.
    Wat met liefde is bereid, leidt altijd tot gezelligheid xxx

  3. Such a beautiful quilt but the quilting has really enhanced it. The piano keys quilting is an inspired idea. I used that same technique on a fabric pot as my lining was baggy and quilting it in straight lines contained the extra bulk. Different scale but equally effective. What batting did you use may I ask?

    • Hello!
      Thank you for your kind words.
      The batting was provided by the charity… I can’t tell you much about it, only that it is very synthetic. I like the way the quilt batting looks after quilting.
      Bye bye

  4. I definitely needed a LOVE button for this one!!!! Oh my!!! Your stitching choice(s) were/are perfect…….I love “orange peel” anyway but this time it’s totally “over the top”!!! And, yes!, piano key borders take care of so much!! Hugs………

  5. Love your design choices – really makes the quilt in my opinion! Piano keys definitely can hide a multitude of piecing errors. Great job!!!

  6. What a perfect quilting design choice to accentuate, rather than detract from the piecing. Congrats on problem solving to deal with less than meticulous piecing strategies!

    • Thank you very much! It wasn’t my first one on the longarm, but it was the first one that was a bit challenging for me. So I am pretty happy with how well it turned out.
      Bye bye

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