Christmas decorations

The first Christmas celebration in my new house was a big event!


The family came to my house on Christmas Day.  This year we organized our family celebrations a bit differently in the ‘dinner-department’. Everybody had brought something to eat, which made putting dinner on the table for a large group of people so much easier. In previous years, my parents had always organized this family gathering all by themselves, but now it is us kids’ job… and I was first up!

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with each others company, the fun little gifts (lots of socks… ha ha!) and the lovely dinner.


I had set the tables in mint green, ’70’s green and hints of red.


The most fun I had with putting up the decorations for this lovely day, was this…


My kitchen window!

I had bought a special chalk pen, actually meant for black boards in restaurants and such. These pens can also be used on other smooth surfaces like glass. I had bought two white Edding 4095 pens to decorate this large window with.


So, I put a quilt on my window!


I used my large cutting and quilting rulers for the marking and of I went! The neighbor walked past a few times with his little dog while I was drawing. He must have thought I was kind of weird… but you already knew that, right?!


The chalk can easily be wiped off, so nothing is permanent!

And then… the snow came !


This is what the window looked like from the outside.


The ‘ window quilt’ looked at its best without any light behind it. A little bit disappointing but it was still a cool window.


On another kitchen window I added this little drawing…

I think I have started a new personal tradition! I will design a new Christmas quilt in December 2018.

Can’t wait!




33 thoughts on “Christmas decorations

  1. Those windows are the most beautiful decoration I have ever seen – I have something to aspire to. Love it

  2. Good idea to record the designs, because one day you may actually want to make a Christmas quilt, and you’ll have plenty of inspiration! I’m a great fan of decorating the windows, I always make lots of of folded and cut paper snowflakes, and cover windows with those. It doesn’t matter about cutting out the light a bit, because we have such hot sunshine at Christmas!

    • Hello Kate!
      I envy your Christmas sun!!! This last December was the darkest in record history, and January isn’t off to a good start too. We are all in need of a dose of sunshine. You could send some our way, couldn’t you? 😉
      Anyway, I like your idea of adding paper stars. I might add that to my design next time.
      Lots of hugs

  3. What a fantastic idea! I have a feeling there may be many more Christmas quilts on glass this year!

  4. What an awesome way to decorate your windows!! I have a few windows I will have to do this with! Thanks for the great inspiration!!!

  5. Wonderful designs! So perfect for a whole-cloth quilt. Maybe even a great way to practice or figure out a quilting design before you start on the ‘real thing.’

    • Yes, you could use these ‘ window quilt’ technique for drawing your ideas. Personally I would draw on paper because holding this chalk pen can be straining on the fingers, as you have to push it to the glass.
      Have a lovely day,

  6. WOW!! I love your window quilt! hope you win something!! I wonder if we have those marker pens here in Australia? I’ll have to find some for this xmas! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  7. I love your quilted window! I want to make a quilt that looks that beautiful! And the little trees are so cute with the design inside. You are so talented.

  8. Oh my gosh! That is beautiful!!!! We are moving to a new home this year – I’m putting this post in my idea folder for next Christmas! My drawings won’t be so lovely as I am not an artist, but they will surely be fun! Thanks for sharing such lovely inspiration 🙂

  9. I think that decorated window should be on a Christmas card. It would not amaze me if some of your neighbors would want you to draw on their windows. Christmas tree and table decorations were also lovely. We had floating candles in the center of our table. Wish I had taken pictures .. also floating with the candles was holly from our garden with the little red berries.

  10. Oh what a great idea! It is beautiful! If I were you I would leave it up all winter long. If I made it though, I would leave it there for a few decades!

    • Thank you very much Sandra!
      The cat was a bit bewildered by the chalk on the glass. The first evening she walked around with a white nose from rubbing the window, ha ha!
      Bye bye

    • I don’t know, but he was walking past more than once, so was definitely checking it out or seeing the progress. 🙂
      Please try a chalk pen on glass. It was great fun!

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