Little ones.

My colleagues are having babies again… ha ha !

I had asked the mother-to-be what color they had used for the baby’s room as an inspiration for this quilt. MINT! Seems like mint is extremely popular here. I added a dash of pink as I love that combination for little girls.


I used my tried and trusted Sudoku quilt pattern and also used up some fabric I have been hoarding for years. I have written a tutorial for this pattern a while back. You can find the tutorial here.ย 


Swirl hooks quilting on top for the sweet little girl!

I adore the backing fabric! It has these super cute old fashioned toys on it. I wish I had bought more of this fabric.


Another colleague requested a yellow and brown/tan color scheme for their baby quilt. She didn’t know the baby’s gender yet, so I kept is a bit more neutral in the fabrics. It is hard though to find fabrics in yellow that are not floral. I wanted a mix of floral and non-floral.


The new mother was really happy with this little quilt for her new son.


The backing fabric has dinosaurs on it, but the print is very very light! I had finished the top before and waited for the reveal of the baby’s gender. So dinosaurs it was!


This last baby quilt was a recent finish. One of my students was becoming a big sister again and I wanted to share their joy with this improv quilt.


I used several small pieces of fabric that I had found at a quilt show. These small pieces were shop samples, I guess. For a few euros I got about 2 FQ worth of fabric, but in various sizes of fabric. I couldn’t use the fabric like I would in a sudoku quilt, so I used a more improv style for construction the top. Cutting the fabrics in half and adding others from my stash.


More mint… I have plenty of that in my stash! ๐Ÿ˜‰


I added a handwritten label to this quilt. I used a fabric marker and traced a print out from the computer.


There are some more baby quilts in the making and some doll’s quilts too!

Until next time!





10 thoughts on “Little ones.

  1. They are all beautiful, I hadn’t seen that type of quilting on the yellow quilt before. It’s great, hope to try it soon.

    • Hoi Anneke,
      Ja, het schiet eindelijk weer op! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Een hoop projecties waar ik tegelijkertijd aan werk, levert wel wat schrijfstof op, gelukkig.
      Een fijne verjaardag!!!

  2. Each of them is so perfect for these little ones. I especially like the colors and design of Gabriel’s.

    • Hello! How are you?
      The Gabriel quilt was a bit of an experiment. I was so happy when I found those little pieces of fabric at the quilt show. Just enough to create a baby quilt with if I added some of my stash. It turned out great. I will try this technique again.

  3. You’ve been very busy, and generous with your time, Esther! These quilts are darling. I especially like the swirl hook quilting pattern. Seems you’ve really mastered your longarm quilting skills now. I’m happy for you to find time to do this, and do it so well.

    • The longarm is great fun. I wish I had a bit more time to play with it, but those baby quilts are pretty quick on the longarm. And I have to say; the swirl-hook is one of my favorites!

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