Tea and Cake

For a while now I have been wanting to go back to one of my first quilting loves; foundation paper piecing. At a quilt show this last month I found this selection of gorgeous fabrics. Most of these are Allison Glass from her collection of 2017 and 2018. I did add some others in small scale stripes, dots and other patterns. Bright colors, with a hint of vintage inspiration and a lovely combination of geometric designs and designs drawn from nature. LOVE!


You might ask yourself if I don’t already have enough fabric… but let’s not go there, okay? 😉


In 2016 my friend Kate put together a quilt top with us friends. She selected this great theme of  ‘Time for tea(l)’ for a cancer charity. We send her the blocks and she turned them into this gorgeous quilt that went to auction.

I wrote a collection of patterns for the group to use and I actually hadn’t even come round to piece them all myself. I did do a few and those became part of Kate’s quilt.


When I found the Allison Glass fabrics, I knew I had the perfect reason for piecing my own designs, finally! I quickly drew up a plan using the EQ7 software.


Each block will have a different white background fabric.


Each block will have some kind of shimmer in the fabrics.


The ‘Cake’ pattern has some elements that are just one piece of fabric. I stitched those pieces to the foundation paper using the largest stitch on my machine. After putting all the pieces of the pattern together, I took those basting stitches out. You can still see the holes in the picture underneath.


For my favorite block so far, the ‘Teapot’, I used my precious piece of vintage Merimekko fabric of the yellow and gold flowers.


I found the Marimekko piece in a second hand shop. It was originally a long shirt dress with sleeves, but somebody had altered the piece into a kind of sleeveless thing. The value of the original piece was gone, so I decided that I could cut it up further.


The last of blocks for this blog post is this ‘ Small Plate’ that took a while to piece. Those small forks took a while!


The centre of the plate was fussy cut from this silver print.




My plan is to piece 6 blocks, but I might go up to 9 to create the original lay-out (at the top of this blogpost) of the complete set.

If you would like to try these patterns out, please download the FREE pattern of the Cake block and see how you like my patterns. The links to the other blocks are at the bottom of this blogpost.





Information on the patterns:


Link to Craftsy, here.

Link to photos on Instagram: #ppipatchcoffeepot


FREE pattern. Link to Craftsy, here.

Link to photos on Instagram: #ppipatchcake


Link to Craftsy, here.

Link to photos on Instagram: #ppipatchteapot

Small Plate

FREE pattern. Link to Craftsy, here.

Link to photos on Instagram: #ppipatchsmallplate



15 thoughts on “Tea and Cake

  1. I’d like to recommend these designs to anybody interested in making them. I have made many of the designs for the Time For Teal quilt, and I can confirm they work very well, the instructions are clear, and the patterns produce a beautiful result. I’m so grateful to Esther for making them available to the Ovarian Cancer group.

  2. What a great design. As you know, I don’t paper piece, but I can appreciate the work involved in making this one! Your designs are always so well balanced and well-made once you sew them.

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