Dutch Modern Quilt Guild – block of the week

Thank you all for replying to my previous post on the kitchen quilt. I have decided to keep it simple and leave out the fruits and extra pastries. I have also asked the quilters on Instagram, and the resounding majority agreed on leaving the fruits out. So, I will listen!


I have removed the paper from the blocks and hope to sew them together this afternoon.

I will create something different with the fruit blocks. If any of you has special requests for something with a bit of fruit in it, now is your chance!

The rest of this post will be about a different project, also not finished… ha ha!

When the Dutch Modern Quilt Guild was created in 2017, I signed up immediately.


In the autumn of 2017 the guild organized a block of the week project. For 25 weeks we would be getting a free pattern each week. Each block is only 6 inches.


We were also asked to design some of the blocks, and so I participated in that. Can you guess which ones are my design? 😉


There was hand sewing, applique, traditional patchwork, paper piecing… all kinds of techniques.


I just couldn’t manage a block a week, so I selected a few of the 25 and added one or two of my own design that were not part of original project.


I have no idea what to do with the blocks yet, but I will let them percolate for a bit in my sewing room. I will come up with something.


I really liked playing with the different techniques.


And learning something new, is always great!


And I did try to deviate from the norm a bit… all be it choosing a thread that really stands out in the English paper pieced block. Still undecided if it worked out or not.


The thing I enjoyed the most, was fussy cutting the fabrics.


Now I only have to come up with a plan for these blocks…. we will see!





8 thoughts on “Dutch Modern Quilt Guild – block of the week

  1. I went to the Modern Dutch Quilt Guild site and wonder if there is a button to click on to translate the site and blog into English. Please advise. Thanks!

  2. Well: Whatever you do …let the “whirlymagig” / draaimolen be in the middle; all the other designs will “spin out of it”. Have fun with it .. think spring!

  3. Stunning color combination Esther. Will be fun to see what you do. Laura in Utah, US.

  4. I love the colors you chose. As you can imagine, they are not colors toward which I would naturally gravitate. I think that is one of the things I appreciate about quilting – I can appreciate the creativity of others and their color choices and keep my mouth closed when I see something that is totally I can hardly endure. Each of us has our likes and dislikes. I expand my horizons of appreciation and tolerance. Thanks for a beautiful post. Susan, Oklahoma, US

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