Sea Glass charity quilt

This quilt is over 2 years in the making and it still not finished. The binding is not on yet, but that will have to wait till August.


All the unwanted blue and green scraps were pulled. Some were my own, some were donated by friends and colleagues.


I sewed the scraps onto a strips of paper from a cash register (as a foundation). I cut the long strip of paper into smaller strips and put them together as 12,5″ high rows.


I sewed the 5 rows together and quickly put it on the longarm.


For the quilting I decided on adding swirls that looked like crashing waves.



The backing fabric was donated by a quilter I met through a Facebook group.


This ‘ Sea Glass’ quilt will be donated to a charity… after the binding is on.




8 thoughts on “Sea Glass charity quilt

  1. I like this one a lot, especially the motion you get from the odd bits of striped fabric and angles of some of the other pieces. Nice balance between squarish and angles.

  2. I like the name…! Working on till roll paper does make things easier, doesn’t it? No stretchy edges and banana-shaped strips. A lovely quilt 🙂

  3. Very edgy, crisp and clean; beautiful. These colors do resemble the colors of the water at a northern (cold) beach. The rythm of the pattern makes me think: waves of deep breaths in and out. Very relaxing.

  4. Esther, that’s glorious! I like the name, because I have sea glass in a couple of the colors in your strips!

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