F2F3 June

It is a GO!

The third round of ‘Foot to Freestyle’ has started. As before, all blocks are 12″, the makers decide the block patterns and the receiver decides on the color scheme.

Lynn, miss June,  has requested this beautiful peaceful color scheme of cremes, pinks and soft greys.


These are the blocks that I made for her.


Block 1: Economy block. Simple and classic.



Block 2: Flying Geese.



Block 3: Boat block from the EQ7 software.


I have been checking out the gallery of blocks that were already sent to Lynn and it turns out the boat block is the only figurative block in the mix. I decided to put another block together for Lynn, so she has the option to use it or not. The pinks I used in the blocks are a bit brighter than the ones in the photos Lynn provided, but I did notice other blocks in the gallery that have similar tones, so it will all tie in together.

Block 4: Adaptiation of the Saint’s Star block. (pattern)


On to next months blocks: Blue and white!





4 thoughts on “F2F3 June

  1. lovely blocks Esther. And you’re right, seeing the lovely variety in the gallery, they all look as if they’ll blend in nicely together.

  2. Lovely color combinations. It all fits together very well.
    The colors make me think: Ahhh .. relaxation .. comfort ..

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