F2F3 July and August

May last year I put these small blocks together for my Hot Green quilt… which is still waiting to be quilted, by the way…


I put these small blocks the middle of the flying geese border.


I really like making these small blocks so I grabbed the pattern again for my F2F3 swap blocks for Sue for the month of July.

Sue had requested blocks in blues and white: navy to cobalt to light blues plus white.


I put four of the small cute blocks together to create one bigger block.


Which I really love.  Blue Heart on Apple iOS 11.3 Blue Heart on Apple iOS 11.3 Blue Heart on Apple iOS 11.3


For the second block I used my go-to pattern for this edition of the F2F3 swap: the economy block. I really like playing with the versatility of the color placements.


I found the last design in the EQ7 software. the block is called Key West.


For the month of August, the swap blocks were for Claire. She had told us she fancied ‘something in turquoise, grey and black on white’.

Yep, another economy block beauty!


The pattern of block number 2, was also discovered in the block library of EQ7 too.


And this last block came from the same source.


I loved working with the modern fabrics and tried to select fabrics with a theme for each block: dots and/or lines.

I have already assembled the blocks for this month, but I can only share them when they have been received. I can reveil that there is more blue fabrics in them.

If you are interested in seeing all of the other swap blocks, please go here.




6 thoughts on “F2F3 July and August

  1. Esther, all your blocks are beautiful! I think your own quilt came out looking lovely, and I like that little block you put in the flying geese border. It’s a nice shift.

  2. I do hope that when you finally get round to quilting Hot Green, you’ll do some progress posting so we can see what you’ve chosen, and why, in some detail? Lovely F2F3 blocks, as always!

  3. They all look lovely. The blue and white blocks look so cool and crisp; makes me think of the Northsea breeze. My favorite this time is the second block; the one with the most blue toned fabrics. It is a very soft, calming palette and contrasts nicely with the “sharper” blue and white blocks.

  4. Oh I love seeing your quilt on the design wall! And the blocks you’ve created just lovely colours, and fabrics and so precise. 🙂 I will look up that Key West block along with the others…

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