Two baby boys; one named B and one named Z…

… got two very similar quilts.

The mother of baby B had let me know that she liked this lama fabric that I had pointed out to her.


I added a feather fabric with a little bit of gold in it.


Some deer in a dark green forest…


And pulled the whole manger together with some similarly colored and patterned fabrics.


An extra helping of swirls…and voila!


The second quilts has a similar color scheme.

The color palette for this quilt for Baby Z is based on the card we received announcing the birth.

All the pretty fabrics stacked in short rows.


A background fabric selected that would work for a little boy and his hip parents.


Some magic sprinkling and a decorative stitch for the binding.


Quilted with an angular triangular freehand design that matched some of the fabrics.


One more nice quilt!


This last one quilt is waiting for the moment it can be handed over to the proud parents. Until then it is on display in my living room where I admire the fabrics and colors every day.

Hugs for you all,






10 thoughts on “BoyZ

  1. Both gorgeous! Not baby-ish fabrics, but ones they’ll enjoy as they get older and won’t mind using when they’re older. I like both colour schemes very much.

    • Hello Kate, I adore these colors too! I tend to veer to them whenever I buy fabrics. I was lucky to find some small pieces of fabric, at a quilt show, which matched fabrics I had wanted to use for these quilts. This way I wouldn’t end up with more scraps. The never ending battle of scrap busting, ha ha!

  2. Perfect colors for a boyz quilt;) I would be interested in seeing more of the FM angular design, I’m always looking for something new to quilt!!

    • Thank you very much. The decorative stitch is one of the option on my Janome. I like trying them out on the binding. I will use these stitches again in the future.
      Have a lovely day!

    • The design of the announcement card was really original and gave me so quite a few options for the fabric selection. I had one fabric that an almost perfect match which made me very happy. Thank you for commenting!
      Have a lovely day!

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