QuiltCon charity quilt

The Dutch Modern Quilt Guild of which I am a member decided to participate in this year’s QuiltCon Challenge. For those who are not familiar with this challenge, here a short explanation:

Each group (or member) makes a charity quilt of a certain size to enter in the QuiltCon exhibition. The quilts all have a similar color scheme and a theme. This year’s theme is ‘small piecing’. The quilts, made by groups (or individual members) from all over the world, will be exhibited together. After the exhibit the quilts will be send back to the makers and they decide on the charity the quilt will be given to.

In June 2018 the Dutch Modern Quilt Guild came up with the idea of creating a quilt with a bird’s eye view of a typical Dutch landscape of tulip fields, in a pixelated style. Pixelation is one of the possible characteristics of modern quilts. We  chose to use improvisation piecing as the base for our quilt.

In our first get-together for this project we combined donated fabrics (in the particular color scheme) with our own fabrics we had brought along.


We randomly cut the fabrics up in small strips and pieced them.

43836126590_99e39d0a05_m_d  44929147574_f94775d05b_m_d

Per small block, a maximum of two of the prescribed colors (and fabrics that matched) with a sprinkling of white/creme.

44929147454_fcd8bc42c3_m_d  43836126410_b9664ffb69_m_d

We each made many small blocks.

44929147294_e6ca3b3b62_m_d  44929147184_c80a63455f_m_d

Each block is 3,5 inches…

45603723082_044d03f30b_m_d1  44929147024_4fd8330b2e_m_d

With TINY piecing!

45603722722_06c3d3af0c_m_d  45603722632_e90bc44218_m_d

And we were going to need 690 of those!!!

I think that all members took home some of the fabric that was left over, and others had the fabric sent to their home if they hadn’t been able to attend the meeting.

Here are some many more blocks that I made in the months after.


I made so many as I kept on finding suitable scraps to use in my bins…


Most scraps were only really small remnants, but big enough for using in this ‘small piecing’ project.


And that is how I finally used up some treasures scraps from projects from 2011, 2012 and 2013…


And in the end the whole group did make the necessary 690 blocks!


I will share in a next blogpost what the quilt top looks like now!





7 thoughts on “QuiltCon charity quilt

  1. There’s something so satisfying about finding a good home for a tiny piece of a beloved fabric, isn’t there…? I love the effect of this small piecing; random assembly combined with a disciplined and restrained colour palette. Can’t wait to see your post with the finished result!

  2. I didn’t realise you live in the Netherlands. Next time I am over I will ask about quilt shops. cant get too much as I am on a bicycle and cannot carry much bit I do like a reminder . I hold up mu hand and say I am addicted to fabric

  3. What a fun process! I am moving to the Netherlands in June and will look forward to joining the Modern Quilt Guild there. Nice to meet you!

    • Hello Rachel,
      How nice to meet you! Great news that you are moving to our country. I hope you will feel right at home. There are two modern quilt guilds, one is affiliated to the ‘Quilters’ Gilde’ and the other is the Dutch Modern Quilt Guild, which I belong to. I hope you will decide to join a quilt guild as it is will be a great way to meet new people! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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