I had sent these blocks out early… and they arrived last of all the F2F bunch… because I wrote the wrong address on the envelope… YIKES! I am so happy that they are finally in Moira’s hands in beautiful Texas.


Moira requested blocks in various beiges, browns and a bit of duck egg blue.


Luckily I had quite a few fabrics that would fit this sophisticated color scheme. My favorite of the fabrics is the one in the corners of the block below, which makes me think of my wonderful summer vacation.


You can admire all the blocks we have made for Moira on this page. Please scroll all the way down!

This last block was sent to the F2F organizer Kate in Australia. Kate has taken upon her to assemble charity quilts (auction) for an Australian Ovarian Cancer Fundraiser. Each year she comes up with the coolest name for a quilt and then asks us to send her blocks on the theme. This year her title is ‘Go teal it on the Mountain’. Each block will contain beiges, teals and of course a mountain. The color scheme is derived from the logo of the fundraiser.  If you would like make a block for Kate too, please go to her blog and leave her a comment.


I started with a delectable mountain block pattern with I altered to fit in another delectable mountain element. It was fun using such a traditional block in a improv way.




3 thoughts on “F2F3-October

  1. Really like the color combination. It is very earthy; yet at the same timeit reminds me of a cold weather coastal landscape.

  2. It’s always such a fun surprise opening up the F2F and Ovarian Cancer envelopes when they arrive. This year, Go Teal it on the Mountain seems to have inspired everyone; the blocks are a-mazing! it’s going to be a stunning quilt. Thank you for the links 🙂

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