Freemotion Quilting Tutorials – part 2

Hello freemotion quilting friends!

It is time for the second post on the Wishbone and Ribbon Candy pattern variations. Before I give you some more basic options, let’s look at the big difference between Ribbon Candy and Wishbone.

The top drawing is a sketch of Ribbon Candy. The continuous line propels itself without needing to cross over itself.

The bottom drawing is a sketch of Wishbone. The continuous line propels itself by crossing over itself.


Tutorial Ribbon Candy and Wishbone 1


Even though there is no need for crossing itself in the Ribbon Candy pattern, of course you are allowed to. When you overlap the curves this pattern can become very dense.


Tutorial Ribbon Candy 4.


In both patterns you also have the option to spread out the pattern by changing the angle of the diagonal lines.


Tutorial Wishbone 4.


Another option you have to change the look of any pattern, is to alter the size of the various elements. The next two examples are also animated. You can go to YouTube by clicking on the images. In this Wishbone ‘Big & Small’ variation the big loops are alternated with the small loops, two of each.


How about changing the amount of big and small loops?  I did two small loops and one big loop. It was helpful to say ‘Small Small Big’ out loud while stitching. Click on the image to see the animation on YouTube.


In the Facebook groups on Freemotion quilting there were some quilters who asked for information on how to turn the corner, like in a border. I have come up with some variations that you may like.

If you have created or found other possible corner transitions for a wishbone pattern, and you would like me to share them here on my blog, please let me know!


Tutorial Ribbon Candy – going around the corner.


I wish you all lots of quilting fun!




15 thoughts on “Freemotion Quilting Tutorials – part 2

  1. Hi Esther:
    I like all the wishbone patterns! They remind me of “figure 8” yoga movements an poses. My favorites are the heart and floral corners.

  2. I cannot get the wishbone to “stand up” straight and not lean, the loops are flopped over. Any secret, hints? Thank you!!

    • Hello Gail,
      Mine are leaning to the right too…. I think it has to do with how I learned how to write, in cursive. When I notice this is happening in a quilt project, I tend to chalk in some lines to guide me. But as far as I know, there is no magic trick, sorry!

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  4. These videos are exactly what I need since I am a visual learner and use my DSM for quilting.Mostly my projects are small and I think I can handle these and have them look good enough to not throw my hands up in dispair. Can’t thank you enough!

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