Freemotion Quilting Tutorials – part 5

Hello again!

Are you ready for some more wishbone variations?

The last two tutorials (in part 4 of this series) may have been a bit complex for some quilters with all of that mirroring going on. These next two new tutorials will have hearts as well, but not the complexity of the previous patterns.

Two regular wishbone loops and one heart… ready, get set, GO!


Animated tutorial Wishbone Variations 013 – Loving Hearts


You have the option to create the heart shapes as you like them. For me, it really depends on the rhythm of a pattern to do one heart-shape or the other. Test it out to discover which heart-shape works for you.


Of course there are some variations on tutorial 13’s pattern.

  1. The loops and hearts touch, or as some quilters say ‘kiss’.
  2. The middle image depicts a pattern that shifts in height. I premarked the lines of course!
  3. I added some decoration around the outside of the pattern. By adding these extra passes, I did need more room than the 2″ height that I have been using up to now. You can still see the faint white chalk lines in the photo. 

Tutorial Wishbone 013 – several variations of ‘Loving Hearts’


In the animated tutorial 14 ” Three Step”, you can recognize the same concept of jumping heights with sets of three regular wishbone loops.


Animated tutorial Wishbone Variations 014 – Three Step


Well, you know me, right?

I can’t resist some variations on the Three Step.

  1. A pearl (circle) on the middle loops
  2. Adding another pass with just a zig zag line. I did the loops first and added the zig zag second.
  3. Adding some extra small wishbones in a second pass.

Tutorial Wishbone 014 – several variations of ‘Three Step’


And if we can do a set of three loops… we can do a set of 5 as well! I personally like the look of sets of uneven numbers of loops.


Animated tutorial Wishbone Variations 015 – Five in a Row


You can decrease the size of some of the loops, or even trade a loop for a bounce. Adding a pearl (circle) in a loops can create some gorgeous interest too.


Tutorial Wishbone 015 – several variations of ‘Five in a Row’


Last week I was playing around with the wishbone-ribbon candy combinations, and I found some more gorgeous options for you!

As shown in tutorial 16 ‘Drops’, you would need three passes, but they are all relatively simple. Try to keep all of the loops the same size.


Animated tutorial Wishbone Variations 016 – Drops


And if you really want to do a crazy one, try letting the ribbon candy passes ‘sink’ into the wishbone pattern.

Or add a second row of wishbones and then do the outside ribbon candies. (4 passes!) Keep the wishbone wide spaced to begin with.


Tutorial Wishbone 016 – several variations of ‘Drops’


When you have a steady rhythm and medium size loops, try adding some zig zag line that go through the loops. I have named this pattern ” Steps”.


Animated tutorial Wishbone Variations 017 – Steps


By changing the size of the loops (and letting the loops touch/kiss) or changing the angle of the zig zag line, you can create very different looks.


Tutorial Wishbone 017 – several variations of ‘Steps’


If you have quilted something with the help of one of my tutorials, please let me know! I am always very curious to see your quilts.

In the next installments of this series I will focus on different ideas for the actual loops in the wishbone patterns. (just like the hearts and pearls in this blogpost).

Can’t wait to share those with you!




P.S. I have linked up to:

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4 thoughts on “Freemotion Quilting Tutorials – part 5

  1. WOW! I can tell that you have been doing calligraphy (sp?); it shows in your experiments. My favorite is the first one in # 16; it is very balanced (that is a “libra” thing) and joyful, restful to the eye.

  2. Awesome quilting motifs!! I love using wishbones, but you have taken them to a whole new level!! Love it! Popping over from My quilt Infatuation, but became a new follower!

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