QuiltCon Charity Quilt 2020

Last September I had the opportunity to help put together blocks for the second QuiltCon Charity Quilt by the Dutch Modern Quilt Guild of which I am a member. We were each asked to put 5 blocks together of 4 different letters and a ‘space’. The letters form the words BLACK and WHITE in various languages.

I was assigned the letters B, S, L, and U and a ‘space’ to fill with a random geometric pattern . I drafted a foundation paper piecing pattern for some of the blocks. I stitched the little piece of paper with the info what the assigned letter and coloring was to the finished blocks so it would be easy for the others who were piecing the quilt.


The color scheme was dictated by the QuiltCon organizers as well as the element of text. Our guild decided on the exact words and composition.


Some of the fabrics in these blocks were donated and we all added bits and pieces of our own stash.


Some blocks were a bit come complex than others.



And here is the finished quilt!

We are very proud to take part in this event, and I hope to participate again next year.



9 thoughts on “QuiltCon Charity Quilt 2020

  1. Hi Esther:

    Just tried to leave a comment on your website; would not work.

    Anyway: I think that is a great example of collective, community art. Hope you can use it in your teaching career. I noticed right away that there were many “I”s and “B” and “”U”s. I think that is interesting …” I BE YOU?’. SOmewhere in the back of my mind there is yogic mantra that has the same thought.. might have to look it up and share with you.
    Also, about in the middle of the quilt on the right hand side, I saw the word “noir” ..

    Chilly but sunny spring morning here.. hope to put the back courtyard together today. We have had housepainters all week long and had to move many plants, furniture, fountains, etc. It looks quite messy and like a true Libra and I need order in my life.

    Walt is making progress and sleeping a lot.


  2. That looks wonderful! I like knowing the planning that went into it. Your letters look amazing! Congratulations on being able to work on such a gorgeous contribution.

  3. Your blocks are amazing!! I was able to find each of them in the finished quilt. Awesome quilt!!

  4. Hi Esther, I saw these quilts. Was a delightful conference. I spent too much money but have some fun projects to work on until Phoenix 2022. I would love to meet you if you make it. Laura

    • Hello Laura,
      Yes we should meet up… just need to save up some dollars , find the right time to take of work and make sure that as a European I am allowed into the country. 😜
      The situation around the virus is getting serious here. School are NOT closed as this moment, and I understand why, but we could be a bit more creative in how we keep our schools open. At least the exam students should stay in school as their diplomas are based on certain tests that have to take place before a certain date. The other kids could come to school in shifts for their testweek. Like 12+13 year olds in the early morning, 14+15 year olds around lunchtime and the 16+17 year olds could be in school in the afternoon.
      The kids will be off next week anyway, so we only should have do do this the next couple of days. I have no idea what could happen later this month…
      stay healthy,

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