Freemotion Quilting Tutorials – part 9

Now that we have studied the basic shape of the Ribbon Candy pattern in part 8 of this series, we can ‘pretty it up’!

Start with a large Ribbon Candy and then add a second ribbon where you cross at the middle line of the pattern. Click here, to be direct to YouTube to see this pattern come to life.


Animated tutorial 032 – Ribbon Candy – Lush

Yes, we can try that with three ribbons of course. Just make sure you have enough height in that border. In my sample the stitched pattern is 2″ high. I have found this it but too tight, so go a bit larger! The ribbon can touch/kiss if you so desire. With all of these, start with the biggest ribbon.


Variations of tutorial 032 – Ribbon Candy – Lush

The three ribbons DON’T HAVE to touch, you know?! This very groovy, ’70’s looking pattern is not difficult to stitch. Start with the middle ribbon and add the top and bottom ribbons. See how that works on


Animated tutorial 033 – Ribbon Candy – Groovy


I really like this next one where I used the same shape as in the previous pattern. I have named it hairpin is the basic shape resembles a hairpin road going down a steep mountain. In the YouTube video that basic shape is more clearly recognizable.


Animated tutorial 034 – Ribbon Candy – Hairpin


And again, this is a thankful pattern to add extra elements too.

Top: add a pearl to the Hairpin curve.

Bottom: create a large wide wishbone first, than add the Hairpin pattern.


In the Wishbone pattern series, we added a pearl to the loops. Of course, this is a possibility fo the Ribbon candy too. Click here to be directed to YouTube for the animation of this pattern.


Animated tutorial 035 – Ribbon Candy – Buttons


And some yummy variations!


Variations of tutorial 035 – Ribbon Candy – Buttons

The little pearl/circle can become an oval on the side of the curve as well. I really like the texture that this pattern creates. See here on YouTube how that is done.


Animated tutorial 036 – Ribbon Candy – Black Eyed Peas


Try mixing and matching the pattern variations. A combination of large and medium ribbons we saw in animation number 29 already. Add the oval on the side for this lovely border idea.


Variations of tutorial 036 – Ribbon Candy – Black Eyed Peas


I have shared these tutorials in 3 Facebook groups and I have received some great feedback and also questions on how to tackle problems concerning the pattern ideas. One of requests was on how to quilt around the corner. If you have missed the first installment in the series on options for corners, please see the previous post. Do you have any questions or struggles? I could do a blogpost on some tips and tricks. 

Until next time,

p.s. I am participating in TGIFF over at Faith and Fabric  and Whoop Whoop at Confessions of a Fabric Addict







8 thoughts on “Freemotion Quilting Tutorials – part 9

  1. Oh my gosh, Esther, this is awesome stuff. I can’t keep up with all your clever ideas. Thank you so much for sharing so graciously. Hugs, Laura

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! My struggle with ribbon candy is to keep the loops balanced and straight. I always start leaning more to one side or the other, if that makes sense.

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