Freemotion Quilting Tutorials – part 10

Hello everybody!

I hope you are all safe and healthy. Many of you are homeschooling children, taking care of family members and / or friends and trying your best to stay healthy and shelter in place. I do hope you can make some time for yourself and enjoy some quilting or just look at pretty quilts.

I have new 4 pattern ideas with several variations for you today to feast your eyes on.

The first pattern is one that is pretty easy to grasp: a simple curl or swirl is added at the tops and bottoms of the Ribbon Candy. Click on the link be directed to YouTube.


Animated tutorial 37 – Ribbon Candy – Swirl

The look of this pattern is diverse with a change in width or by alternating with a regular Ribbon Candy. 49686820652_4ac7f7ab1a_o_d

Playing with the height of the pattern and the amount of big-and-small ones, is great fun.


Even the type of curl used, can be altered with ease.

Top: more of ribbon effect by adding a short straight line in the curl.

Bottom: don’t backtrack the swirl but stitch an open ‘hook’  before moving back into the Ribbon Candy movement.



The second pattern is one that resembles the patterns ‘Hearts‘ and ‘Love‘ and is really free flowing and quick to stitch. See how quickly I drew this in the Youtube video.



Animated tutorial 38 – Ribbon Candy – Gentle


Play with the size of the ‘dip’ to come up with some great options!

The one on the top looks like seaweed to me. The Bottom one I have dubbed ‘Cheer’ as it looks like people cheering or doing ‘the wave’



The third pattern is another botanically named pattern. ‘Grass’ uses s-curves/flames instead of a pearl or swirl. See it grow on YouTube. 


Animated tutorial 39 -Ribbon Candy – Grass


The fourth pattern, and today’s last one, looks like a pattern with several passes, but it can be stitched in one go. Go have a look on YouTube to understand how this pattern develops.


Animated tutorial 40 – Ribbon Candy – Meander

The variations on this idea are lovely too. The top one looks like ‘Hairpin‘ , don’t you think?


If you have any questions on the patterns, please leave a comment. If you have tried a pattern, please let me know!

Please stay inside and stay healthy and lots of hugs to you all,



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