Quilting around the corner – type 4

Welcome everybody!

Today I will show you a fourth option for going around corners using the Ribbon Candy pattern.

The concept of this option ‘Flow’ is quilting up to the diagonal in the corner (white dotted line). Once you are close to that diagonal you quilt, in one fluent movement, a corner flourish.

You can create a full stop of course, before going into that flourish. I actually prefer that full stop, so I can have a moment to think and plan my next movement.



You can merge your lines in the inner corner or use loops to get to the outer corner of the border.


Heart shapes, molar feathers and even flowers are possible corner flourishes.


I gather that you would like to have the same corner flourish in all the corners of your border. Please experiment with the width of the Ribbon Candy to see which one works best to be able to create those flourishes in roughly the same spot in each corner. For me, that means a more medium width compared to a wider width of the Ribbon Candy.

I absolutely need my premarked diagonal line to achieve this ‘Flow’ effect in the corner. I prefer using chalk, the water soluble blue pens or the purple air erasable pens. Sometimes in my practice pieces or samples I use a Frixion Pen to mark things. Please don’t use that type of pen on an actual quilt. Please do you research if you feel strongly that you have no other option than using them. For me… on an actual quilt… I am sticking to chalk, the water soluble or air erasable pens.


I wanted to leave you with this image of the tulips in my garden right now. I can see these vibrant blooms from the sitting room. The whole garden is actually coming to life and it is a great joy in these stressful times.

Hugs to you all,



6 thoughts on “Quilting around the corner – type 4

  1. Hi Esther:

    Very clever! As you might imagine I love the tulip corner pattern the most.
    Thanks for adding the pictures from your garden. It is a lovely “pick-me-up”.

    • Oh Roseanne,
      Firstly… you are only seeing a few inches of my work each time, so please do not conclude my work is perfect.. it is not!
      Secondly… I have stitched sooo many ribbon candy I must be getting good at it, ha ha ha
      Please don’t compare… everybody’s work has fabulous elements in it.

  2. Thank you, Esther. These make so much sense. I’ve actually been practicing the wishbone a lot and it’s getting pretty uniform, so I might try the same corners on it, and try it on hexagon corners, because I’m doing big hexagons right now. The tulips in your garden are so beautiful. I had ONE yellow tulip bloom! You must have the green thumb I am missing. =)

  3. You are a genius! Thank you for these posts! Quilting around corners is so difficult…..WAS so difficult.

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