Quilting around the corner – type 5

Happy Saturday!

The sun is out, the flowers are in bloom, enough fabric to quilt up, good music on the radio… Let’s focus on the good today!

Here is the fifth way you could quilt around the corner with a ribbon candy. I have dubbed it ‘Curl’ as that is last shape you stitch before reaching the corner.

Do you see how, in the drawing below, the blue Ribbon Candy (coming in from the left), turns into a purple curl? You stitch that curl when you are the closest as possible to the corner/diagonal (white dotted line). Finish up with a corner flourish and repeat the curl in mirror image when coming down.


Most likely you will not ‘hit’ the corner exactly with the first curl, but you have the opportunity to use the ditch to travel up to the corner to add the flourish.


Any kind of flourish would work in the empty space. Maybe there is a shape in the patchwork that you could emulate or a design on one of the fabrics that inspires you.


You could tilt the last curl towards the diagonal and hey presto! A heart!


Here are some more ideas for the corner flourishes.


And here is the proof of the flowers being in bloom….

My collection of tulips are showing off their shapes and colors.



Have a nice weekend everybody… don’t overdo the chocolate this Easter! You could always send it to me… 😉





7 thoughts on “Quilting around the corner – type 5

  1. Good Morning Esther:
    What would happen if you turn the curls in the corner in the other direction (away from the corner)? Would you get a “fleur de lis (sp?). Your tulips look lovely. We are enjoying our desert rose.

    • The movement of the curl going the other way is a bit counterintuitive. I have tried it with a small curve, and that is doable, but the bigger the shape gets, the more troublesome the movement becomes.
      Thank you for bringing this up. I forgot to mention this.

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